50 Minutes

Serenity now...

On my drive back from the Garden tonight, I struggled to call this loss devastating. Certainly, after complete dominance for 50 minutes, and up 3 goals, even the most jaded Islander fan was left feeling kicked in the stomach. Deja Vu all over again. We've all seen these collapses before and the flashbacks to early last season are frightening.

I'm telling myself it's the 3rd game of the season. We have 1 point from every game. Anything to get my mind off the last 10 minutes.

So many positives to take. Isles were physical and strong on the puck all night. They moved the puck well and came out of the defensive zone with poise and a plan.

Serenity now.

Radom thoughts: why was JT not in the shootout? Is it me or do Witt and Sutton look slow? Has Bailey been invisible? I hope Martinek stays healthy this year.

Quick turnaround to a Monday afternoon game. Let's hope these guys have short memories.