70 in November, but it’s gonna be cold in April…especially in Minnesota

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It’s November 8th and 70 degrees in Chicago.  How does this relate to fantasy baseball?  Not at all.  However, it got me thinking about how cold it will eventually get.  I played my college ball in the cold and know how it can make a big difference with a team’s offense.  Next season the Minnesota Twins will be opening a brand new stadium…an open-air stadium. 

Justin Morneau was having a very good season midway thru 2009.  He hit .311 with 21 homeruns before the all-star break only to battle injuries and a slump that resulted in a .201 AVG with only 9 homeruns.  Injuries are nothing new to Morneau as he’s battled back problems for most of his career.  I don’t see how playing in the cold weather next April will help any. 

Morneau is a career .286 hitter in the month of April and a career .251 hitter in the month of September.  I can’t help but think some of that September production will decrease and colder weather in September makes me worry even more about his production in that month.  Overall with the injury problems (especially back injuries) Morneau’s value is already down.  The thought of cold weather affecting his production further makes me drop him down the list even more.  Hopefully come draft day his value will be low enough to make even a down season worth the pick.  In the meantime I’m going to enjoy this rare 70 degree November day and fire up the grill.  I know the cold is on its way.