Is the NHL for or against us?

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Christmas is over.  The hangover from New Year's eve is gone.  Winter is keeping our toes cold and for those of us that never could get into basketball there is hockey to pacify the armchair athlete found in the depths of our souls.  This year it has admittedly been tough to be an Islanders fan.  We all knew that it would be tough though and being almost directly in the middle of it,  I'll say it stinks. 

I am usually one of the guys crying conspiracy theory with the league and the calls the Islanders don't get from the war room in Toronto.  Having ex-Ranger Kris King in a high profile role there also gets my goat a bit but that is a moot point now.  I had always thought they were out to get us but then, as sometimes happens to me, I decided to take the exact opposite point of view and try it on for size.  Could it be possible they are helping us? 

Islanders: Top 5 Prospects

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Part five in a five-part series that will examine the top five prospects from each team in the Atlantic Division

Islander Notables

NYI Fan Central's picture Reports AHL-All-Stars will be announced Tuesday and Wednesday at 2pm for each club. Announced the reserves for the NHL all-star game will be made Wednesday for the Western Conference and Thursday for the Eastern Conference.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I'm considering doing a Newsday for both all-star games and taking a break. It will be interesting if Cablevision owned Newsday sends a writer to Montreal after DiPietro was left high and dry in Atlanta last year by the sports editor.

Islanders website: Jason Lockhart wrapped up the WJC with the final stats and summary for David Ullstrom, Jyri Niemi, Kirill Petrov and Blake Kessel.


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"In the last three games, I find it hard to believe we've only had four powerplays"
- Scott Gordon, responding to Greg Logan's question about the Isles getting respect from officials

Now before I get to the awful officiating of last night's game, I'd like to address that excuse. Because any game that hinges on a refs call or a Toronto office for a video review, is a game that is not i

Oilers get Three Unanswered Tallies in 3-2 Isles Loss

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This season has been a bit of anomaly for me. I’ve seen games end in scores and in ways I never thought possible before. My grandmother told me when I was young that whatever doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger and if that really is the case, then I feel like an omnipotent hockey fan at this point.

Simply put, I’ve seen it all this season with this team.

Islander News Articles 1/6

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Sports Network: Recaps Edmonton's 3-2 win against the Islanders.

Newsday: Greg Logan's coverage of the Islanders 3-2 loss to Edmonton has Scott Gordon's comments on the officiating in the Islanders 3-2 loss and a team official reporting nothing is wrong with goaltender Rick DiPietro.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

I will add more to this blog entry on Tuesday.

Edmonton Sun & Edmonton Journal: Recaps the Oilers 3-2 against the Islanders Monday.

Edmonton 3, New York 2

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Edmonton Sun: Robert Tychkowski was providing in game updates with comments on Edmonton's 3-2 win against New York between periods.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Not for anything it sure seems the breaks and calls for the 08-09 Islanders is about as one-sided as the outside perspective at times which has little time or space for man games lost to injury or what happens in the game.

Four powerplays in three games?

I have not done many post-games here on officiating, this will be one of them.

Only the Islanders know what the story is with DiPietro who is in training camp mode? Either he is hurting or they or going slow working him in. Given the standings and MacDonald playing well it does not really matter.

Canada wins WJC 5-1 over Sweden

NYI Fan Central's picture Sweden lost to Canada 5-1 in the WJC final game on Monday, David Ullstrom had a penalty.

Kirill Petrov was a plus one in Russia's 5-2 win against Slovakia here.

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With the Holidays and 2008 in the rear view mirror, it's time....

New York at Edmonton 9:30 pm Msg+2

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Edmonton despite all the struggles comes in off a 4-1 win against Dallas Saturday after home losses to Calgary and Ottawa are two games over five hundred which places them tenth in the Western Conference only a point out of the eighth seed.

Injury Expected Return
12/30/08 Steve MacIntyre LW Face IR. Out until at least early January
12/30/08 Fernando Pisani RW Ankle Out until at least late January
01/03/09 Ales Hemsky RW Nose/concussion Out until at least early Jan
01/03/09 Marc-Antoine Pouliot C Concussion Questionable for Jan. 5

Dwayne Roloson in goal has posted 10-6-5 record with 2.63 gaa/921 save percentage.

Ales Hemsky 34 10 25 35 1
Shawn Horcoff 37 10 18 28 2
Sheldon Souray 36 12 16 28 0

30th Overall? Cannot see it happening.

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Team portrait of the 2000 - 2001 New York Islanders professional ice hockey team on center ice at Nassau Veterans' Coliseum, Uniondale, New York, 2000.

WHAT I DID FOR XMAS VACATION: A Story About The Isles & A Frazzled Blogger

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What I Did For Xmas Vacation

B.D. Gallof

Everyone tells you, usually with a sly laugh, or if they are male, with a slightly dazed grin, as if you have joined them at the front to some bloody battle, when you tell them you are expecting a first child. Life changes, or this is what they say, and then invariably it does, like the delayed snap of an Indiana Jones whip. Instead of going to th

Islanders at the WJC 1/5: Championship Game

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The big day is here at the WJC, Canada was five seconds from a huge upset Saturday, tonight they play Sweden with Islander prospect David Ullstrom at 7:30pm for the gold.

Earlier Monday it's Russia with Kirill Pertov in the consolation game against Slovakia at 3:30pm.

Given Petrov has been coming back from injury it's possible he may not play or see more time as others ice-time is scaled back.

Islander News Articles 1/5

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I could be wrong but perhaps Mr Logan's article on Frans Nielsen was the Monday article released early here or an extra article was written?

Usually we see two articles at best on the road, Sunday there was a third. If something is written I will add it to this entry Monday.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

Post-game comments from Scott Gordon & the players did not make it into Sunday game story, just a written recap. Not much time for a recap to make the printed version of the paper with the late start time. Good job by Mr Logan to have a recap written while many other teams games do not have an article from the West coast the next day.

ITV had the coaches press conference.

Aaron Ness Dodge Holiday Classic MVP

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All Star Voting a Cruel Joke

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Nothing against Carey Price, who is having an amazing season for the Canadiens, but Mike Komisarek, who has only played 21 games this season, Alexei Kovalev, who is not having anywhere close to an All-Star season and Andrei Markov [don't get me wrong about Markov, he's a good player, having a good year] are not All-Star game starters.

When I first found out the news, I thought it was a joke.

Sadly, I’d do anything to make sure it was.

The way technology is right now, people that have the spare time, can push players into All-Star games that don’t necessarily deserve to be there. I mean C’mon, former Islander Dave McLlwain has his own fan site for Christ sake.

Some Newsday Double-Standards

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Good thing Newsday created a hockey blog for Mark Herrmann to basically not do any entries for virtually the entire month of December. He did have an entry today about the WJC where he told us for about the third time recently (in articles) about possible/future Islander draft pick Jonathan Tavares here with Saturday's update about his Wednesday hat-trick.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

Actual comments or game statistics from Newsday staff on Islander prospects at the WJC playing there now? None.

Rangers: Top 5 Prospects

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Part four in a five-part series that will examine the top five prospects from each team in the Atlantic Division

Something has to give soon

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Just want to remind everyone Josh Bailey's next deadline according to Windsor Spitfire general manager GM Warren Rychel comes on January 10th here where if Bailey is returned to Windsor before playing 40 NHL games, the Islanders would lose one year on his entry-level contract, however Bailey would not be a year closer to unrestricted free agency.

Note-I'm not sure what Warren Reichel was talking about back on December 13th in the above article. The Islanders just played game number forty in San Jose, Bailey has played in his twenty sixth NHL contest.

Even with Mike Sillinger back on IR when Nielsen returns with Weight, Comrie, Park down the middle something has to give here for Bailey to stay. Nate Thompson seems to have his roster spot here regardless of how often he is out but at this time there is no spot for five centers.

Islanders at the WJC 1/4

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Today wraps up the WJC for Islander prospects Jyri Niemi with Finland playing Germany at 2:30pm & Blake Kessel with Team USA against Czech Republic at 7:30pm.

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