Big Game for Isles and Big Man for Boston Probably Out

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This scratch could be BIG for the Isles tonight

Normally, you do not like to see guys get injured the way that Brad Marchand did last night in Newark. Anton Volchenkov nailed him in the head with his elbow, and subsequently received a 5 and a game misconduct for the hit.  He (Volchenkov) will also have a phone call into the NHL office today for possible supplemental discipline for the hit. Brad Marchand is definitely the kind of player that if he is playing for your squad, he is your favorite player.  Bit if you are the opponent, he is the nightmare that you hope to avoid at all costs. 

Matt Martin would fit into that description for the Isles.  However, the way he was brought off the ice, I would be surprised if the cobwebs have not been removed the cranial area.

We will see what happens tonight, but with Bergeron also out, it could expose a hole that the Isles can penetrate.  The Isles need these points more than the 2nd place in the Conference Bruins do.

Time to be fully up on your game Islanders!