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Isles Claim Thompson, What does the Future Hold This Season?

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The Islanders claimed center Nate Thompson from the Providence Bruins on Wednesday, but what does it mean for them? Well, if you ask me, it may tighten up the job security of a few choice Islanders, mainly Andy Hilbert. I know what many of you guys are thinking: why are you always picking on poor Mr. Hilbert? The answer is a simple one my friends. As of right now, after two full seasons in the NHL, Hilbert has yet to prove himself on the Islanders. Simply put, he’s a fringe player, too good for the AHL and not good enough to be a top six forward in the NHL. That, to me, makes him expendable and someone used more as a depth player. That is unless, he begins to finish on offense.

Scott Gordon on the prospects and more

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Last night the New York Islanders Booster Club held their first meeting of the 2008-2009 season. As with every meeting, someone from the Islanders organization attends the meeting to answer questions from the Booster Club members. The Booster Club was fortunate to have as their first guest, new head coach Scott Gordon. He answered questions on topics ranging from what his system of "Overspeed" actually entails to scouting reports on new Islanders pick up Nate Thompson. Also addressed were his thoughts on the Islanders powerplay and penalty kill, and how they would be different than last year. The night ended with a rousing discussion on the so-called "loser point," where a team losing in overtime or the shootout still retains a point for the standings. Gordon was very much in favor of the loser point because without it overtime would be boring since both teams would sit back to save a point.


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Much has been made of the Islander's roster going into the start of the 2008-2009 season. It is most certainly a rebuilding year, with young talent that is finally ready for a shot at the big time. But what does this really mean for the Islander's hopes this season? Let's take a look at some of the good points and the bad points and then predict where things might end up.

Does rebuilding really mean that the Playoffs are out of reach?


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I got an e-mail tonight confirming what I've been striving for, for several months, a bid to the NYI Blog Box. Thanks to Corey Witt, Josh Bernstein, Dee Karl, Tom Liodice and Mike Schuerlein for all their help. I can't wait to get started this season! See everyone at the barn!

Twas the Night Before the Season

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And all through the Coliseum

Bailey Injured?

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With the New York Islanders, it's hard to tell.

They have a policy in which they usually do not expose a players' injury status. They say is it because it will be giving too much information to other teams. For example, if the Islanders wanted to trade one of their players, (let's use the contract-year-player Doug Weight), but it was known to the public that he had a groin injury, than other teams wouldn't give up as much. I think this policy is, well, bad. Other teams expose their injuries to the public, and other teams are doing better than we are! Why do we have to be the mavericks (cue John McCain/Sarah Palin) for this part of hockey?

On The Set with CJ Papa

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The hardest part about blogging is having the time to write everything I want to write. It kills me when I have such a great time doing something, but don’t have a chance to put it all out there until days later or even weeks.

Bailey Leaves Practice/Notables

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AP: Ira Podell had comments from Bill Guerin, who disputed the media predictions about the club along with ten year old things about management felt this is a playoff team can surprise next spring while Rick DiPietro discussed his surgeries as summer maintenance.

Mike Comrie talked about the young players while head coach Scott Gordon felt this team has to play more in the offensive zone because they were working well, but too

View From the Ice with Dan Rice

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NHL News & Notes

BD's Isles Preseason Awards

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BD's Isles Preseason Awards

So, are you bored this Thursday before the season begins in earnest tomorrow? Luckily I am here with some Isles Preseason Awards on this gray day at the Office Space.

Don't forget to the covers to those TPS reports.

Frans Nielsen

Frans didn't generate many shots, but there was high impact when he did. He made it count. Add t

More on Nate Thompson

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Anchorage Daily News: Doyle Woody has an article from the hometown paper on the newest Islander, Nate Thompson about being claimed on waivers, Scott Gordon from working together in Providence along with what's ahead and why he will wear the #45 for New York.

Special New York Hockey Report tonight

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Season preview tonight!

Special time - 9:30 PM.

Derek, Joe and I will be talking about the start of the season for all three teams. The Rangers open at home with Chicago, and our Isles head to Newark to take on the Devils. We will look at the plusses and minuses for all three locals, and make our predictions for the season.

We have not all been on together in quite a while, so it should be some interesting banter. Try to make a listen, won’t ya?

To get to the New York Hockey Report Page on BLOGTALK RADIO, go to this link:

New York Islander Fan Central 08-09 Prewiew

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Simply put if you do not follow New York Islander Hockey on a regular basis. only look at the standings on the final day of the season or only accept what a lot of professional reporters who cannot name five current players tell you but start with DiPietro's contract or the late nineties to supplement their lack of current knowledge this preview is not for you.

Sound Tiger News Articles 10/9

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Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio has the compelete Sound Tigers preview in about five seperate updates, including the rosters biggest questions here along with a series of blog updates here which include rule changes, final roster polishing and notables from the Ct Post beatwriter.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

Take a look at the good things in Life

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We need to remember the good things in life

Josh Bailey makes the team . . . for now

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The 2008-2009 New York Islanders roster has been set for the opening of the season on October 9. Not counting the three players on the injured reserve list, the Islanders have set a roster of 23 players. The roster includes 13 forwards, 8 defensemen and two goalies. Much to the surprise of Islander fans everywhere, Josh Bailey has made the squad, at least for now.

Scott Gordon visits the Booster Club

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Metro Mug

When he looked at the Metro Mug, Scott commented:

“I would like to see a shinnier silver trophy instead of that one…”

Metro Mug

Was surprised that the hit on Chris Lee did not warrant a suspension. He did not know about it until I asked the question.

Islander Notables/Nate Thompson Claimed

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The "new" NHL is based on two words: Speed and Excitement. As fans we love to hear these words because they mean a better viewing experience for us. What these words mean to the players is completely different. It means working harder in the offseason (if there really is one anymore). It means being able to keep up with the play. It also means that you have to keep your head up because danger is a millisecond away. This week in the final pre-season game at Florida, Chris Lee learned the last lesson quite well.

Isles on the brink of... something

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Some final thoughts as the Islanders get ready to open the season Friday night at New Jersey, a team they somehow dominated a year ago:

Good to hear that Chris Lee is OK after being boarded by Rostislav Olesz Monday night. Always scary to see that, and it's why boarding penalties need to be enforced even more strictly than they are now. The league will suspend a player a dozen games or more for swinging his stick, but slamming someone into the boards from behind -- which can do serious damage, including paralysis -- draws far less punishent. Never made sense to me.

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