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7/18/07 - 10,000 Visits & A New Look

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Sometime yesterday afternoon, as I returned to work muttering and grumbling about the last development in the Nassau Hub transit dilemma, Islanders Castaway received its 10,000th page visit since late March. I can't express enough thanks to the loyal readers out there who have made this blog such a success.

To celebrate this milestone, I have revamped much of the site's look and feel, changing several fonts and moving some pieces around. I also revisited the primary logo, using a few familiar pieces from Islanders logos past. I hope you enjoy the new look, and I would love to hear any feedback you have!

Also, be on the lookout for an special Islanders Castaway giveaway/contest sometime soon. I am working out the details now, and hope to have the fun going by next week! Any ideas/recommendations would be appreciated!

To everyone out there reading, thank you!

7/17/07 - Attendance Woes, Part II

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In what I can only describe as rampant idiocy, the top three solutions to the Nassau Coliseum's transit problem were thrown out yesterday, according to Newsday.

The linked article details that the propositions for a LIRR station, a trolly service, and a monorail to the Coliseum have been scrapped. The remaining ideas for rapid transit service to the new NVMC site are: light rail transit, rapid bus transit, or an "automated guideway transit system", which is apparently a monorail on wheels.

7/16/07 - Campoli Contract Complete

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And just like that, there is some news.

Despite some unfounded rumors that the Islanders were in the midst of sending him off in a trade, the Islanders today signed 23 year-old defender Chris Campoli to a 3-year contract. The exact value of the contract is currently undisclosed. This comes at a time when the Islanders are severely lacking on the blue line, and can only provide some much needed depth to the system.

Personally, I love the move. Campoli has found his way under a lot of peoples' skin lately, but I believe that he is the future of the Islanders defense. At the very least, he is expected to become a powerplay specialist, and with the right leadership from veteran defenders, could really become an all-star player in the future.

It is also telling of the Islanders future as a whole. The team is committed to building from the ground up, using veteran leadership to enhance the development of the younger players.
A great move, in my opinion.

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