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Brand New Isles, Renovated Coli - Preseason Win

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Well, it looks like hell hath frozen over; I attended an Islanders game.  Okay, so it was a pre-season game and it was at the Coliseum, but I went.  It was rather spur of the moment and something my spouse wanted to do more than I did, but that doesn't matter.

I WAS IN THE BUILDING!!!  So I have to ask, where were so many of you?  I know I have been MIA for almost two years now, but I thought for sure the first game back at the Coliseum would be packed.  While it was a "decent" showing for an 80 degree sunny Sunday, and  1 pm game, I was disappointed.

Suffolk picks $1B

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Suffolk picks $1B Arena idea, Maybe the Isles will

Well Halle-frekin'-lujah.  Over a decade ago I kept asking "Why not build in Suffolk County, Mr. Wang?" Suffolk seemed perfect.  It had many parcels of available property that would have fit the needs of the Lighthouse project.  Transportation, ease of access and a favorable political environment.  But no.   Uniondale was where he wanted to be.

What was to be his legacy for his children is now just a once promising idea.  For Nassau County that is.  But here in Suffolk County the Ronkonkoma Hub project that has already broken ground seems eerily similar to me.  The apartment complexes, the retail space, the restaurant space, the parking garages each brought back memories of that multipage postcard we all got with the concepts of the project.  The only thing missing was that bubble of an arena and the much needed Sports Medical Arts building.  Well, not any more.


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Suffolk County:  What About Us?

So last night I ventured out to a function much like ones I had visited years ago.  A public display of proposals for improvement of our region by prominent engineers, designers and investors.  Each group looking to come up with a plan that would enhance the already approved Ronkonkoma Hub development.  You see in Suffolk, we STILL have large parcels of undeveloped land.  Although when looking at the very impressive model of the final Ronkonkoma Hub plan with it's beautiful street arches, spired center piece, 14,500 residential units, restaurant and retail space, I was left shocked when I asked how many acres the magnificent project was occupying.  It's about five to six acres.  THAT'S IT.

The Islanders are Back; I May Be

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Can I even remember how to work blogger?  I still get errors when I log on. 
Oh well... let's give it a shot since I seem to have 15 minutes to myself.

Isles are playing exhibition games and everyone including the fans are getting used to an entirely new routine.  So let me catch up.

Third Jersey:  Certainly it could have been better, but in the scheme of things it could have also been worse.  My complaint is that it's NOT just the jersey.  It was Yormark's attempt to rebrand the team as a sibling of his Nets.  There are all sorts of merchandise at the Brooklyn team store with the Islanders logo in glorious black and white.  It's void of our colors.  Maybe I wouldn't hate it so much if I didn't have an entire wardrobe of Blue, White and Orange.

Islanders A to Z for PuckDaddy

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Yeah, yeah.  So you thought I was dead.  You're not that lucky.  Took a break for awhile, but then I was asked to do a comprehensive "A to Z" about the Islanders and thought -- What the hell.  It took me three days, but I didn't mention Jason Blake once... Not once.  Not under "B" for Blake or "J" for Jason.  And those who know me from the start know why this is so surprising.

So my idea of what every NHL fan should know about the NY Islanders.... sort of...Here at Yahoo Sports.

The Return of Okposo!

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Tonight's BIG game, just got a little bigger!

Isles vs. Rangers for points, points, points at the Coliseum in their last regular season meeting at the old barn.

I'm going to cry.

Isles Come Up Short In Dallas

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Desperate teams can do desperate things.  No team is a given.
Isles lead 1-0 and the team that "can't score in the third" score two in the third and one in the overtime frame.  Thanks Butch.  Your fault.

Isles Keep Rolling Along with Wins

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I like Mike Bossy's breakdown of the games.  He's very honest even if he has a hard time hearing himself over the crowd.  Brian Strait loves the "Yes! Yes! Yes!" thing and is grateful.

All this and more here.

Colin McDonald Chemistry on Fourth LIne

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The Isles found a way to win, and that is always a good thing. Luckily the call-up of Colin McDonald fills the hole left by Cal Clutterbuck on the best fourth line in the NHL.

Fish Sticks & Cheese Steaks: Isles in Philly

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A win is a win -- And the Isles need one now.

The Isles are in a good spot to beat the Flyers who may be well rested, but their winning streak has to end some time.  Let it be tonight.  Starting a three game road trip with two points will also do wonders for the Isles confidence, which can become eroded with mounting loses and teams closing in on them quickly.

Just win!

Hanging Chad - Isles Drop 2

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I hate that hockey gets drowned out by 72 hours of NFL reporting and hoopla.  Seriously though, isn't the Super Bowl really just about two things?  What are we eating?  Did we win any money?  That's it.  I can close to winning $300 bucks, but the stupid Patriots blew that for me at the end.  Oh well.

Can everyone now please concentrate on the balance of the NHL season?  Thanks.

So the Isles dropped two games in a row and one at the barn.  Sad, but it shouldn't push up to the ledge.  So... back-up.

Isles Win 4-1 Over Rangers!

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Another sell-out crowd at the Coliseum with both Gary Bateman and Ed Montano in the building to witness not only the fans loyalty, but the Islanders resilience against the Rangers.

Another sold-out crowd, another Isles win over the Rangers.  YES! YES! YES!

First Place! First Place! Yes! Yes! Yes!!!

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As far as day games go, that one was absolutely amazing!  I'd like to thank Chris King and his crew for doing an excellent job keeping me on the edge of my seat -- while I was at work and unable to watch.

I so wanted to be there for this one.  But for the sell-out crowd that was -- You sure got your money's worth and then some.

First Place Islanders -- How great does that sound?

The LAST MLK Day Game at the Barn --

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You know -- until there is a "minor league hockey team" playing at the renovated Coliseum.

Do not hold your breath.  You will turn blue.

So, Bring on the Busses Flyers Fans!

Rivalry at MSG! Are You Ready?

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Can we wear our jerseys to work even if it isn't a Friday?  I don't think so, but I can definitely wear my colors!  Surely there will be some good natures (not really) poking by fellow co-workers who just happen to root for the wrong team, but Oh Well!  That's what it's all about isn't it?

Bright Lights, Big City

Isles get Oil Slicked in Edmonton

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If you stayed up until the very end, you did see Brock Nelson score his 15th of the season in the Isles worst game so far. Capuano wants some guys to "look in the mirror" and John Tavares says the blame starts with him. Edmonton 5 - Isles 2

Tavares 2 - Flames 1

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A late start, low scoring but faced paced game in frigid Calgary give the Isles two more points and John Tavares two more goals for his tally.

Isles in Calgary to start 2015

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The Isles look to end the Calgary Flames four game winning streak and start one of their own tonight at 9 pm. Get the coffee ready. It's gonna be a long night! http://www.hockeybuzz.com/blog.php?post_id=65273

Isles Win, But Give Caps a Point

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Another 3-0 Lead, another shocking third period heads into overtime in order to determine the winner. It's a curse. Sharing first place in their division for the first time in 25-years, can they continue while on the extended road trip?

Two Nights = Four Points & a New Record

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Usually back-to-back games are tough and disappointing. But not this weekend. Two tough teams, four excellent points Wild Weekend!

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