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Doom, Gloom, And Scant Optimism From Media as JT Decision Looms

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As we near zero hour for John Tavares making his decision, fans across the internet hang on every single report and Tweet that has anything to do with what the Islanders perhaps soon-to-be former Captain will do. Will he stay? Will he leave for greener pastures? Nobody seems to know, but many are speculating.

The Stage is Set for a John Tavares Decision

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If you would have told me, 9 years after John Tavares’s first overall selection by the New York Islanders in Montreal – that I would have similar feelings of anxiety and nervousness I would tell you you’re crazy. But, here we are.

A Few Small Changes, For

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Tony Stabile | Islesblogger

Good afternoon to everyone out there in Isles Country!

If you haven’t already noticed, things may look a little different around here. When I started writing regularly a few weeks back, I wanted to kick things off in style and bring my site a fresh look. It took me a few nights but I’m pretty satisfied with how it’s turned out. How about you? Let us know in the comments!

Islanders Have Quiet Deadline

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Josh Bailey 768w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" />Newsday

As far as NHL Trade Deadlines go, 2018 came and went without much fanfare throughout the league, especially for the New York Islanders.

Islanders Struggle Despite Improved Play

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The Islanders have played with increasing improvement over the last two games, but are continuing to struggle when it comes to closing out games.

Justice for Shannon Hogan

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I haven’t had time to write much the last few days, but this is far more important then shutouts, or the shortcomings of the team.

Lack of Accountability or Lack of Experience?

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You’re probably reading this and still have a splitting headache from the frustrating things coming out of the Islanders performances the last two games. I know my blood pressure has been insanely elevated just watching on TV.

Mix in what head coach Doug Weight said after the game last night, and I’m sure it spiked even higher for everyone else as well.

Let’s get into it.

It’s Barzal Mania

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With all the negative that’s been happening for the New York Islanders on and off the last few weeks, there’s remained at least one constant. His name is Mat Barzal.

An Open Letter to Jon Ledecky

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May I call you Jon? Ok, great.

You may not know me, and that’s fine. Truth be told – maybe a lot of people don’t. That’s fine too.

This is On Garth’s Reluctance

Islesblogger's picture 362w" sizes="(max-width: 272px) 100vw, 272px" />For the last two days, the hockey world has seen an abundance of trade speculation and opinion surrounding the New York Islanders. There seems to be a unifying rally cry by fans and experts alike on how the Isles should be looking for defensive help outside the organization.

All Signs Point To Trades

Islesblogger's picture 568w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" />The current state of the New York Islanders appears to be a mix of flux, confusion, slight panic and outright bewilderment. And that’s not even touching how the fans, or Isles Twitter feels (Spoiler: Isles Twitter is fiercely frustrated).

When Will it Change?

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I have been through some pretty atrocious hockey before.

At 36, I have lived through some really, really, REALLY deplorable (I have to use that word right now because why not – everyone is, right?) hockey with the New York Islanders. Post 94, the years prior, Spano and the Gang of Four, Milbury….the beginning, middle and now maybe the end of Garth Snow.

I have even been fortunate enough to cover the team during the leanest of times. Filling rosters out with has-beens, never will-be’s and hopeful reclamation projects that never came to fruition, or worse – would only come around after they leave Long Island. Coaching changes….I have to laugh – I covered them through four.

From Traffic Lights to Train Stations

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The 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs have progressed nicely in Brooklyn, and I can say that I am fortunate enough to have attended Games 3 and 4. Today, I will be attending Game 6 as well. While the transition to Brooklyn hasn’t been the smoothest, the Playoff transition has gone a little easier.

The Islanders and the Barclays have taken a few different steps to make sure that the arena is a little more like home. From league and team logos to the atmosphere in general – it all feels better. They’ve even spent a great deal of attention to the quality of the ice sheet – which is a story for another blog.

An Ugly Win, But It’s a Win

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What could’ve been the Islanders second loss of the season, fortunately managed to become their second win. It may not have been the prettiest of wins, but it was a big one.

On the Mend

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Reports out of practice this morning, by both Artur Staple and the New York Islanders have goaltender Jaroslav Halak and defenseman Thomas Hickey practicing with the full squad.

Hickey, who’s been nursing a finger fracture and Halak a mysterious upper body type injury – have missed the first three games for the Islanders, including the Barclays Home Opener.

This Time, It’s Different

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 When you’ve been a fan of a team for what amounts to a lifetime of ups and downs, there’s always a lot of optimism following a strong season. One playoff win away from advancing in the playoffs, a strong and emotional send off to your old arena, and of course – the continued development of your youth, and core. In years past, opening night – especially the Home Opener meant great and exciting things for me. I’d drive down Hempstead Turnpike, fighting traffic lights and rush-hour to sit in my season long seats in Section 309, or make my way up to the press box to cover the game. But that’s all behind me these days, as much as it’s still an exciting time. 

Slip Sliding, A Call For Action

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It’s one thing to watch idly as fans when a team begins to falter after months on top, it’s something completely different as a player in the room – I’m sure….

There’s a large contingent of fans who never get to experience the frustration a player experiences as they step off the ice, the scowl on their face, the expletives they spew as they slam sticks or equipment down or the blank stares of disgust as they sit in the stall of their locker. Instead, television interviews expertly crafted show almost nothing but positive thoughts and statements. Some players, allow a bit of their feelings to slip through, allowing you a glimpse of their human nature and inject a level of realism into the post game.

What I’ve grown tired of this season, the LAST in Nassau Coliseum – a season that matters MOST to a large percentage of the fanbase; everything is status quo.

The Building, It Was Electric and Saturday Will be LOUDER

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photo-12 913w, 1023w" sizes="(max-width: 267px) 100vw, 267px" />How about these Islanders?

I made it to the game on Tuesday night, the first time this season. Not that I haven’t wanted to go earlier, I have been crazy busy during this shortened season.

The Answer is 42

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42 650w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" />Dylan Reese, NOT the answer

A central theme that has developed after the Islanders 29 games thus far: third period goals allowed. It’s not the only one mind you, but it ties in to others; blown leads, poor confidence, sustained pressure and momentum, defense. The list goes on.

Isles in Talks to Extend Streit, Boyes, Visnovsky and Nabokov

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freeagentsYou just never know what news might come out on any given day.

Just last week, when Visnovsky returned from a wake in Slovakia, he had his family in tow. News had broken that he had rented a house on Long Island and that he (no surprise) LOVED the area and the team.

Moments ago on Twitter, Arthur Staple of Newsday Tweeted out that the Islanders are still in talks with Mark Streit on a contract extension, which we had heard some time ago. But there was NEW, news as well. The Islanders were also to begin talks with Visnovsky, Nabokov and Brad Boyes – all pending unrestricted free agents.

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