Bucks v Knicks Preview

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PVOA: Bucks should win easily

All of the signs say the Milwaukee Bucks should rout the New York Knickerbockers tonight at the Bradley Center.

The New York Knicks are not playing good basketball on either end of the court.  By non-venue adjusted PVOA, the Knicks defense is a (+7.9) points (+ numbers on defense are bad).  And their normally prolific offense is struggling as well, with a PVOA of (-1.0) points.

You put that together with the Bucks poor offense/excellent defense (-1.6) PVOA, and then compare those numbers with each team’s overall efficiency numbers to date, you get a Bucks win by around 7 points from Milwaukee’s perspective, and a Knicks loss by around 11 points from New York’s perspective.

When you further consider that the Bucks schedule is tilted toward road games (3 to 1), while the Knicks schedule is tilted toward home games (4 to 2), the Bucks almost have to win tonight’s game, and the final score should reflect an easy victory.  But, in sports, what should happen and what will aren’t always the same.