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NY Islanders vs Pittsburgh Penguins 12/12/2008

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Noun 1.

drubbing - a sound defeat

thrashing, trouncing, walloping, whipping, slaughter, debacle
defeat, licking

- an unsuccessful ending to a struggle or contest; "it was a narrow defeat"; "the army's only defeat"; "they suffered a convincing licking"

Pittsburgh 9 Islanders 2

NY Islanders vs Atlanta Thrashers 12/6/2008 Game Highlights

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Another stinker for the Isles. 10 goals against in the last 2 games sums it all up. Blake Comeau was visible in his first game of the year and nearly had a few. I am starting to feel that, although Bill Guerin has been putting up some goals, that he should be taking more heat for the direction of the team. While no one thought they were cup contenders, there were those of us with hope that they could play decent hockey. As the captain of the team he needs to step up and keep the team motivated to play for 60 minutes and also be visible. During the game I went to (Ottawa 11/29), I was able to see more of him without the puck and I was not impressed by his intensity.


NY Islanders vs Ottawa Senators 11/29/2008 Game Highlights

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This year things are different. Ottawa's kung fu grip on the Islanders has subsided. We own these guys. The question begs to be asked. Ottawa, how does it feel to be our b@#$@#$!?

NY Islanders vs Boston Bruins 11/28/2008 Disappointment

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This article was not written due to disgust.

NY Islanders vs Pittsburgh Penguins 11/26/2008 Video Game Highlights Malkin Hat Trick

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Sometimes I feel like I am possessed with an ability to foresee the future.  LIke a gypsy looking into a crystal ball, I was able to call the outcome of this game in the second period.  I don't think it is that special though.  Any knowledgeable Islander fan probably started getting indigestion toward the end of the second period.  This is exactly what was happening 10 games ago for this club. 

After 2 periods:

NY Islanders vs Montreal Canadiens 11/24/2008 Video Highlights Ryan O'Byrne own goal

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What an ending to a game that easily could have been another of the indigestion inducing, ulcer emphasizing losses that have cropped up several times this season. The own goal by Ryan O'Byrne was one of the luckiest plays that Islanders have ever had as a team, let alone this season where their luck has been nearly nonexistent. Joey Mac wasn't his sharp self but made the saves when they counted. His rebound control was a bit off tonight. This was one game that just shows no matter how bad you are, sometimes it is better to be lucky than good.

NY Islanders Buffalo Sabres 11-22-2008 Highlights Video

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This game is another that cold have easily gone thte other way but somehow the Islanders and Joey Mac came through in the clutch, making the most of their opportunities. 

My thoughts from the first period:

I get the feeling that something is going to blow. It is nice to watch the team play with an edge, and after that slew foot to Chris Campoli the team has been playing chippy hockey. I hope all hell breaks loose and the team makes a statement tonight. After last night and losing Nielsen, it is about time the team bucked up.

NY Islanders vs New Jersey Devils 11/21/2008 Highlight video

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I just have to say I am disgusted by tonights game. As if the "goal" on the delayed penalty wasn't questionable enough, the hit to Frans Neilsen, injury and BS penalty calls surrounding that whole play and the later two man advantage in the third period just sealed it for me.  I was really hoping that Scott Gordon would have sent MItch Fritz out there to kick some butt.  The only thing is the referees were the ones that needed the butt whoopin'. 

I was really starting to think Nielsen was starting to show some magic and I felt positive whenever he was on the ice.  No sooner than the next shift he gets a clear illegal headshot that put him off balance and caused him an ankle or knee lower body injury and an head upper body injury. 

NY Islanders vs Vancouver Canucks Highight Video

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Look out now!  The team that is supposed to lose has put together a nice little winning streak, thet latest of which against the "lofty" Vancouver Canucks.  Check out a portion of an article written by the Vancouver Sun

Garth Snow's sad-sack Islanders represent the lone pushover on the Canucks' four-game trip to Manhattan, Minnesota and Pittsburgh. If the Canucks are lucky, maybe the Isles will be as bad Monday as they were the last time Vancouver visited on Jan. 14, 2006. The Nucks won that contest 8-1, ventilating the Islander goaltending duo of Rick DiPietro and Wade Dubielewicz.

NY Islanders Vs. Ottawa Senators 11/15/2008 Highlights Video

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The Glass is half full:

The Islanders have been playing well of late and have been able to put together a solid effort for 60 minutes to sweep the latest home and home series against Ottawa.  It's nice to see the team getting some garbage goals from in front of the net.  The fact that they have beaten a team with such capable players as Alfreddson, Spezza and Heatley says a lot for their perseverance.  If goaltender Joey MacDonald keeps standing on his head he should be in line for a huge raise next year. 

The glass is half empty:

\Wow, the Ottawa Senators really suck now.  They lost 2 in a row to a team that can't find its way out of a brown paper bag in the third period of most games.  What is goin on with this Ottawa team?  Did we all fall into a vortex of a trading places movie? 


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