Chambers to Kansas City, Ty Law to Denver; How Both Additions Fair Out

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Recently, the San Diego Chargers released wide receiver Chris Chambers.

Chambers was pretty good in his first few years as a Charger, after being traded to them during the 2007 season during the Dolphins disastrous season.

Chambers was incossistent after that, and was then a free agent.

Then, a coupe of days later, he was signed by the Kansas City Chiefs; who’s only weapon in receiving is pretty much Dwayne Bowe.

Then there was a player who used to play for the Kansas City Chiefs: Ty Law. Law is a future Hall-of-Famer and has been playing for 14 years in the NFL. He enters this year as a 35-year-old cornerback.

He may be old, but he can still play.

Last season, he played with the Jets. Law moves to his fourth team this year, as he was signed by the Denver Broncos. With injuries hitting Denver on defense, Law was picked up.

Law has about 440 tackles and 52 interceptions in his dominating career.

Both guys are heading into this year, trying to step it up notch as they haven’t been doing much the past few season.

Chambers was a monster with Miami and in his first year with San Diego. But then he began to drop. Waived.

Law was the man as he was playing with the Patriots, Jets, and Chiefs. He then went to play with New York again last season, but didn’t make any impact.

Now he is playing with a Top-Five team in the NFL and is also playing with a 3-4 defense, a scheme he’s been playing with for his whole career. Law will also make the Broncos’ secondary look more fearful.

With Champ Bailey and Brian Dawkins, adding Law makes things a thousand times better.

Then there is Chambers with the Chiefs.

Matt Cassel is in need with another target. With Marty Booker’s career coming to a close and Bobby Wade not capable as a starting receiver, Chambers can add some spark to the team.

A Dwayne Bowe-Chris Chambers combination may look odd, but this year may be different.

With the running game not doing well with KC, and Larry Johnson’s career done, the Chiefs will look to throw the ball more often.

With Cassell having Chambers and Bowe, it’s a good start for him being a starting quarterback of a horrible team. Things can change with Chris in the picture.

If Chambers can play like he did with the Dolphins; especially like in the 2005 season when he had over 80 catches for over 1,000 yards and 11 touchdowns; Chiefs could be fearful as well.

But this year has no playoff-picture.

The Chiefs can make the most of it.

But you know what makes things a lot more interesting? It’s that Ty Law and Chris Chambers will be playing in the same division again.

When Law was with New England and Chamber was with Miami, they both played each other in the AFC East. Now they’ll be battling each other again as they face each other in the AFC West.

Also, Chambers bring on revenge to the Chargers.

Let’s hope both of these guys can make a difference on their teams.

They deserve to.