Champagne, Twitter & Isles Hockey on a Thursday

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Someone pinch me. Matt Moulson with the hat trick and his 14th goal of the season. Only SIX more until he hits the 20 goal mark by January 1st for me. What a Cinderella story.

And JT with the empty netter to end the game 4 - 1. The Islanders have managed to do what others have not! Win when Atlanta scores first. This is a fairy tale team tonight. WE don't know how long it will last, but we will enjoy it while we can.

Scott Gordon grabbed his young sons out of the stands to walk down the tunnel. I didn't know he has family in Atlanta. Like Matt said to Rob Carlin, you lean more and more every day.

9:05 pm: The Isles go on the PK with Richard Park in the box. And tonight, Bruno Gervais is playing well for the team.

Rolie is coming up big in the saves deptartment, but can he do it for more than 10 minutes? Yikes... that's a long time left with only a one goal lead.

At 15:46 of the second, when I didn't think it was possible, Matt Moulson takes a beautiful pass from Trent Hunter to score his 13th goal of the season. He said Rob Carlin just jinxed him asking about getting a hat trick. He doesn't need one tonight, they just need to keep the Thrashers from outscoring them in the third.

They are dangerous in the third and have outscored their opponents exponentially in the third. Very dangerous!

8:25 Richard Park denied a penalty shot but draws a penalty, which of course, the Islanders can't do jack with.

8:17 pm: Is there nothing Matt Moulson can't do? He played defense and was quite good at it. With less than 8 minutes left of the second, the Islandes are still even. They need an insurance goal or the Thrashers will make them pay.

8:05 pm: Oh baby baby... Matty gets his 12th of the season so far. And with that... Macadamia nut cookies on the 7th. I promised. I don't reneg on promises. Beautiful shot.

Okay, they are now tied up. They need to find a way to win this now.

Roloson proves again, he is lucky as WELL as good. But that was a really lucky break for Rolie for the puck to hit the post and come right out in front of him.

I warned them! Don't let the Thrashers score first! But while I was delivering my Fire Dept husband his phone and listening on XM radio, they did. I'm glad I was in the car. I screamed.

So with Robbie Schremp once again told to sit this one out and Frans playing tonight in front of a very empty arena, at only 7:49 pm we have a one goal deficit. Jon Sim worked hard to get a power play chance and nothing could be done with it.

If the PP was as reliable as the PK, this would be an unstoppable team.

So while I decided to open a bottle of champagne for myself and toast to the forthcoming holidays and all they entail (that's my shopping list there and some catalogs in case I decide to do some cyber shopping while I'm here.) I also have Twitter open to keep up with what everyone is saying.

Come on Islanders. Make the Dad's proud tonight!