Congrats to Our Paul Kreischer

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Congrats Paul - WELL DONE!

Congrats Paul – WELL DONE!

One of the perks of being a recognized blog for the Islanders/Sound Tigers is the ability to get to ‘cover’ a game and get the experience of being in the Press Box to work the game, see everything with the other media, as well as getting the chance to get to the locker room after the game, and get the quote from the player or coach.

Then, after all is said and done, write the article that gives you the reader, a summarization of what happened at the game.

For me - I have been lucky enough to have been doing this since the first lockout in the 04-05 season.  I covered some games in Bridgeport, becoming a member of the Blog Box.  I totally love the experience of doing the games, and being a part of the media.  This season, with the ‘upgrade’ to being on a radio station, I have full access, and technically could do every game the Isles play (which if I did – wy wife would DIVORCE me!).  I would not trade it for anything.

This season, John Panarese had the experience as he worked the room when the Isles played the Stars in January.

Now – it is Paul’s turn!

Paul will be Isles Talk’s reporter for the game on Sunday between the Sound Tigers and the Albany Devils at Harbor Yard.  He will be covering the game, getting the quotes and posting his piece following the game.

Paul has done an outstanding job, in his analysis and his writing skills over the last couple of years.  He has shown, that he has the ability to be a good sports writer, and I am extremely proud of him to see him take the next step in this ‘fun hobby’ of ours.

Hopefully next season, he will get the chance to ‘do’ a game at the Coli, for the last season of Islander hockey.  I told him today, that the press box experience, believe it or not – is better in Bridgeport (a little more modern) than Uniondale.  But it is still the difference between covering a game in the AHL as opposed to the NHL.

Well – let’s give a big HIP HIP HOORAY to Paul, and wish him the best on Sunday.  I will be there too, doing some interviews for my show Next Sunday, so it will be a great day – that’s for sure.

BTW – tough loss by the USA women against Canada.  That Canadian team is sure tough.  I thought speed would be able to break them down, but I guess I was wrong.

Will be listening to team USA (minus Okie) against the Slovaks tomorrow.  Yes, #21 in blue SHOULD be there, but it is still our country’s team.  We have to root them on.  Yes, root for JT and Grabby (and even Vanek), but root for the player – not the country.

See ya at the ‘Port, Paul!