Offers Made. Waiting for the Response

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I hate the free-agency frenzy period as much as I hate trade deadline day. There are too many "ifs" and too many things can happen. OK, so I just don't like change. What can I tell you.

But as Greg Logan and the Islanders website announced, today qualifying offers were extended to six players that all saw significant time in Uniondale last season. Aaron Johnson and Drew Fata were not on this short list. But that does not disappoint me. Not at all.

I'm more worried about the arbitration process that may ensue with Sean Bergenheim and the infamous agent Gandler.

I love the way Eklund explained the process in his latest email blast. "... it's like couples counseling, but the loser pays." So this means in arbitration cases, there is in deed a "loser." And the loss many times is more than just monetary. It's trust.

Another go round of Gandler shooting for the moon and Snow being realistic may cause more ill feelings than were already smoothed out this past season. The fact that Gandler has already shot his mouth off to the press regarding Yashin may have already set the table as well. Milbury may have been able to make hockey players cry, but Garth's icy stare is even more debilitating than a Milbury tirade.

So, here's an open letter to our GM on the only subject I actually do have an opinion on:

Dear Garth:

I believe that you have the team's best interest in mind. I believe that you feel that Bergenheim is a good fit for the Islanders. You felt that way when you made him an offer his agent refused. You felt that way when you gave him the same money to play this past season. And as you were correct in saying "Last time I checked, $500,000 was a lot of money." It is, and you were right.

I know that you will negotiate in good faith on this, and all contracts. But if for some reason you cannot come to terms with the young man who developed before our very eyes, the man that Ted Nolan praised almost nightly in the press room, then I ask one thing of you. It's actually the same thing I asked of Milbury when it came time to make a decision on Blake last summer. (He told me to bark at you, but I didn't know you well enough.)

If no deal with Sean gets done then I would like:

sent to my office
with a note saying
"I'm sorry."

Your friend,


Now... a note to Mark Gandler (whom would have already heard from me had someone been kind enough to fork over his email address.)

Dear Mr. Gandler:

Regarding your client, Sean Bergenheim's pending contract negotiation.

Try not to be a jerk.


7th Woman

Oh ... one more.

Dear Sean:

Hope you're enjoying your summer. Eat well, stay safe...

Look for a new agent.

Hope to see you soon.

All the best,
"the lady on the jumbotron"

Wake me when it's September.