Could Things Be Brewing in Islander Country?

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This past Friday, it was announced by the Islanders' Twitter account that forward Jon Sim had been put on waivers. Again. Obviously, this has happened numerous times this season, so there is nothing strange about that.

Then on Saturday, Katie Strang of Newsday noted that Bridgeport SoundTigers goalie Nathan Lawson was called up on emergency recall by the Isles and was on the ice at morning skate alongside of Rick DiPietro and Dwayne Roloson. The emergency recall of Lawson was very strange news. Even stranger was when Strang then tweeted that Lawson was the first goalie off of the ice, meaning that he would be starting Saturday night's game against the Phoenix coyotes.

About an hour or so later, the Islanders then announced that DiPietro had some minor swelling in his knee.

Rumors began brewing that if Lawson was called up and starting over Roloson that perhaps Roloson was about to be traded. Maybe that would explain why Sim was also placed on waivers.

By game time, no trade had been announced, Sim had cleared waivers, was not assigned to Bridgeport, and then played against Phoenix. Lawson started, and Roloson backed him up.

No trade was announced after the game as well.

The NHL holiday trade freeze is now in effect. Lawson is still up with the Islanders.

It makes you think that once the trade freeze is lifted, maybe Roloson will be dealt. It seems like the only logical explanation for all of the crazy moves that the Islanders made within the roster on Saturday.

On a completely unrelated note, Pierre Lebrun of ESPN said in his live chat today that HNIC analyst and former Islander goaltender Glenn Healy has said that there is a rumor that a man by the name of Nelson Peltz has expressed some interest in buying the Islanders from Charles Wang.

Nelson Peltz is listed by Forbes as number 366 of 400 on the richest Americans list. He is a board director of Wendys/Arbys Group, the parent company of Wendys, Arbys, T.J. Cinanamons, and Pasta Connection. He is also the former owner of Snapple.

Peltz was born in Brooklyn, NY and now currently lives in Mt Kisco, NY, so he is a local boy.

This could be a great thing for the Islanders. He is a local boy so that should mean he would have no interest in moving the team (hopefully).

Hopefully Charles truly looks at this. At this point for Charles Wang, there is no point for him to own the Islanders any longer. His Lighthouse Project failed miserably. He loses millions of dollars of his own money year after year on this team. The team continues to lose on his watch. it is time for Charles to move on from the Islanders and sell the team. Whether he sells the team to Mr. Peltz, or someone else, his best option would be to sell this team.

The Islanders may currently be 6-18-6 on the year with 18 points, but things may be happening to secure their future. Who knows? At this point it is purely speculation. Let's just hope that whatever happens, the New York Islanders are still a team in 2016, and will continue to be a team for many many years to come.