DP Shuts Out the Devils! Well – not Those Devils

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In a positive step, Ricky stopped 33 for his first AHL shutout since 2002

In a positive step, Ricky stopped 33 for his first AHL shutout since 2002

No – he did not get the best out of the “Moose” or Mr. Brodeur.

Keith Kinkaid, who came up for a cup of coffee with the big club earlier in the season was the opposing netminder.  And to be honest, he (Kinkaid) was outstanding, despite giving up two goals.  He made 41 stops, as opposed to Rick DiPietro’s 33.  He also was facing barrages from the home club.

However, #39 in WHITE was the man of the hour today.

“Mr. 15 Year Contract” did look good.  His side to side movement was quick, his reflexes were good, and he did not make as many ‘extra’ movements, as he has been known to do.  He did wander a bit, and once left a puck behind the net, which was scooped by a Devil player that nearly made DP pay for it, but a quick return to the post saved that play from becoming a disaster.

Brock Nelson scored a beauty of a shorthanded goal in the midway point of the third as he received a great pass from Scott Campbell by the circle and snapped it by Kinkaid to get the Tigers on the scoreboard.

Nino Niederreiter got the insurance goal with just under 120 seconds remaining when he swatted the puck in mid-air.

Hey Sandy Alderson, you could use an extra bat in the lineup – would you consider this man?

The Tigers are six points from a playoff spot, and will need some help in order to leap frog others and make the post season.  The winter duldrums caused havoc on this team, but they play with passion and purpose.

I am not going to play sooth sayer on this, but in this sixty minute game, a goaltender played a solid match, made his saves, did not put his team in peril, and prevented the opponent from getting one past him.  It may not propel him back to the top level anytime soon, but for Rick DiPietro, it is a good day, and a chance to potentially turn a corner.