Getting Uglier at Home

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Think the Isles need some Paula Dean cooking at home, not the 2-8 garbage the fans are seeing now.

Many of you I am sure know who Paula Dean is.  She is a down-home comfort food chef, who was known for putting lots of butter in her dishes, and her food was always sticking to the ribs, and other body parts.  She is a Weight Watchers Nightmare (and I am going to her restaraunt in August); but people flock to her food.  It is just a chance to get some good home cooking.

If you had to compare home Islanders games, to home cooking, we would not get these tasty dishes that Paula serves, they would be like getting ‘mush’ as in the old “Our Gang” movies.

Yes, it was the Boston Bruins, the top team in the East. 12-2-2.  A strong team up and down the lineup.  A goaltender that is playing outstanding hockey.  Four lines that can hurt you at any end of the ice.  Defense that symies the opponents with both their sticks and the bodies.  A complete team.


People that know me, know that I try to find something positive about everything.  Being that I get to have access at games, that I am going to keep a good spin on things.  In just about all cases, I will try and do that.

Today, I can not do that.

Despite that they are outshooting their opponents, it ends up meaning absolutely nothing.  This team can not rely on John Tavares every game.  Other players need to step up and get on the score sheet.  Strong efforts and no results is an excuse used too many times.  With a 48 game season, this is a results-oriented season.  No time to moral victories.  2-8 at home, the worst in the league by a football field margain, is just not going to cut it.

This arena used to be called Fort NeverLose.  Right now – it is Fort Hospitable for the opponents.  A feast at the hosts expense.

“Stud” of the game – just to pick out someone that actually did something… Casey Cizikas.  He played a strong game.  He is always moving his feet, trying his best to make plays.  He got the only goal on a nice effort jamming at the net and getting the puck over a sliding Rask in net.

“Dud” of the game – collectively a team award tonight.  There were, however, guys that were giving it their all.  Cizikas, Matt Martin always seem to leave it out there.  Unfortunately, I think that this was Thomas Hickey’s worst game as an Islander.  He looked lost out there, for sure.  Really thought Joe Finley should have been out there, for size purposes.  Having two defenseman under 6 feet, playing against the likes of Lucic, Kreci and Chara is daunting enough.

Tomorrow- the much improved Leafs come into town.  What am I looking for?  A 180 degree turnaround would be a nice start.

If this home cooking does not improve immediately, this establishment should be closed down for rancid nourishment.