A Great Day For Hockey... for a Pens fan. Isles lose.

Game 29: Isles @ Penguins
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The Isles played their 3rd road game in 4 nights and looked, well, like a team playing 3 road games in four nights: deflated, sloppy, and lackluster.

Yep, in tonight's game vs. the Pittsburgh Penguins at the Mellon Arena, the Islanders knocked on another loss to their so far-win less December streak. By a score of 9-2 the Isles now have lost 5 in a row, bringing their record to 10-17-2.

The game in a nutshell: The Penguins whoop'd, danced, salsa'd, crunk'd, stomped, waltz'd, did the robot, and had open season on the Islanders. Numerous trips to the penalty box and streaky goal tending of the Isles vs. the determined and talented team of the Penguins.

The Match Up:
Joey MacDonald (for the first period) vs. John Curry
JMac and Spicy Curry have some AHL history:

1st period:

The game started of with about 5 good minutes of fast paced, back and forth hockey. Both teams were moving the puck well and getting some equal chances until Pascal Dupuis netted a slap shot via Satan assist 1-0.

Doug Weight took an interference penalty shortly thereafter and the sight of Sid and Geno on the PP instills fear into your eyes. But the Isles ended up burning the PK and we all know the Penguins PP sucks (sarcasm).

"A college library is like a jet engine compared to in here." -Jaffe about the Mellon Arena crowd. OBVIOUS FORESHADOWING.

The Isles missed two golden opportunities after a point blank Park shot and when HilBEAST missed upstairs after a Crosby turnover. Sigh.

Freddy Meyer took a holding penalty and everything began to tumble. All hell was about to break loose. The Pens snag a 2 man advantage when Nate Thompson gets called hooking. Seconds before the 5-on-3 dies out, Brendan Witt goes off for slashing.
*now, it you thought the Penguins weren't going to score at that moment then I praise your optimism... or foolishness. And yep, Satan scored the PPG, his 11th of the season. 2-0 at 13 and change.
The Isles caught a break, getting the PP after Matt Cooke got called for tripping. Streit capitalized with a slap shot, PPG 2-1.
...BUT before you could bask in the goal's ABBA goodness, Malkin got the puck to Sykora who got the quick shot passed a pissed JoeyMac. 3-1.
...AND :39 seconds after that, the Isles gift wrapped any momentum they had left for the Penguins as Boucher went 5 hole. 4-1. shell shocked at 18 minutes.
2nd period.
Yann Danis started the period, relieving JoeyMac. Heck, the jaws of life couldn't have saved him in the first!

Sid tested Danis early on but only two minutes in, Malkin netted the puck past him at his doorstep. 5-1.
A frustrated Josh Bailey was sent to the sin bin after getting called for a hold, but the penalty died out when the Pens were too much man. Nada.

Man, the Isles just loved taking penalties. It's so in this season and Bill Guerin needed to get in on some of that action with a slash. And like clock work, this resulted into another Sykora goal at 7:53. 6-1.

Dude, you've got to laugh at the fact that mid game the score was 6-1. madness.

Tim Jackman further illustrated the fact that the Penguins PP was dangerous after going to the box for roughing. Sykora finally scored a hat trick after numerous attempts from his teammates. 7-1.

*Question: What happens to all these hats? The thought of numerous dirty hats in a pile freaks me out a bit.

Andy Sutton follows suit with his own roughing penalty. The camera constantly pans to Scott Gordon, not a happy camper.

Before the period is over, Jordan Staal draws the dmen by confusing them as to which Staal he was and passed to to Dupuis who added to the Isles torture fest. 8-1.

3rd period.
Poor Danis, no one to relieve him after the last period...

Boucher was called for hooking, resulting in an Isles PP. The Islanders hit the post and also managed to suppress and hopes (if there were any left) of a comeback, that's about it on that advantage. Then Thomas Pock was delayed of gamed. Nada.

HilBEAST got a bit feisty with big Geno Malkin and Fedotenko got a bit pestered with Sutton. Malkin, Tank, and the Beast were sent to the box for roughing. But nothing came out of the Isles PP again. Read that last sentence again. lol.

Yadda yadda yadda. Penalty after penalty after penalty. Nothing.

Andy Sutton made it 8-2. No celebration, strictly business. Not that it mattered, but it was a nice effort and Andy's first of the season.

And to end it big, Pascal Dupuis got a hat trick with like two minutes left. Good for him, what did it matter to us anyways? 9-2.

So many hats. So many bare heads. So many frowns from the Islanders bench. So many times Howie and Billy mentioned the talent of Sidney Crosby.

Game. Finally it ended before they could get to double digits.

The Islanders head to Columbus, Ohio to take on the Blue Jackets on Saturday night. Let's put this monstrosity behind us and do it.