Great Home Finale – But More Games in Uniondale to Come?

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The fans at the Coliseum were REAL HAPPY last night!

The fans at the Coliseum were REAL HAPPY last night!

If you talk to the nearly 16,000 people in attendance – you would think so.

An outstanding first period, and start of second, gave the Isles a cushion that would lead to a 5-2 victory.

The team got relatively ‘cute’ in the second and third period, and the guys seemed to know that after the game, as they talked with the media.  But to a man, the message is clear.  The Isles need to get back to what they have done all season when they head on the road.


The Isles road game is to a man, a simple game.  They keep their composure, and limit their chances.  The type of passing and moves that they were showing when the Isles had a 4 goal lead will never be shown when they head to Toronto, Winnipeg, Carolina, Philadelphia and Buffalo.  The goal of the Nielsen, Okposo and Bailey line will be to create opportunities, and stop the top line of the opposition. You know that the JT line will be hounded by the opposition’s big checking line.  So opportunities need to be from all four lines.

Big game from Michael Grabner yesterday.  Finally finished a breakaway.  YOu can seel that the confidence from all of the players has been exuding all over the ice.

What a scare from Evgeni Nabokov.  He told Stan Fischler after the game that he had no concussion like symptoms.  He thought he may had an issue with his neck, but he is 100%.  He will play in every minute of every game, until it is positive that the Isles have a ticket to the post season dance.  Until then, Kevin Poulin will have to wait.

Now – it is the road, which has been kind to the blue and orange.  Keep the positive thoughts on the boys, as the magic number is now at 8.  As Al Davis said, “Just win baby!”

The players said last season, according to the coach after the game, that they wanted to play meaningful games this season come April.

Well – they got their wish.

I will be on vacation as of today.  I will be getting some much needed rest and relaxation in Florida.  As I stated in my last article, their is going to be a piece on News12 about our John Panarese.  Make sure you check it out.  I will not get to see it until next week, so e-mail me at, and let me know about it.

Have a great week folks, and the next time we talk, we may be making our playoff plans!