Ho Ho H-O for December

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The Grinch has come early for Islanders fans this year, stealing any chance of a win so far this month.  We all know what a number he has done on our team in terms of games lost to injury and especially our D so far.  The latest drama, losing Andy Sutton to a broken foot, is no music to any Islander fan's ear.   This year the Grinch hasn't only stolen Christmas, he has stolen our "D", the bastid. 

I haven't written much lately, as I watch the games and remember with a tear welling in my eye when the players used to give 40 minutes and not only 20.  The good old days as it were.   Player criticisms and controversy were bound to begin (see Brendan Witt and Mike Comrie), and what better time than during an 8 game losing streak.  Does this team have what it takes to play the "system"?  is it worth it for us to stick to the "plan"?  These are questions that get debated to no end on the message boards.  I think the answer plays well into the old saying "If it ain't broke don't fix it".  

8 losses in a row is a testament to the system and I hate to say it, it isn't working.  I want it to work with all my heart.  I want to sneak into the 8th seed of the playoffs again.  I want to see the team score 2 or 3 garbage goals every game.  But alas, I am satiated with a # 1 or 2 draft pick.  I might be coerced into changing my mind for a decent winning streak (the likes of which the Islanders' November had many of us hoping to stick a lot of reporters' and Ranger fans' feet in their mouths).  Ultimately though and I hate to say it, I think it is best for my heart to lose with honor.  These little winning streaks get my hopes up just enough, like Charlie Brown each time he goes to kick the football and Lucy pulls it away.  I want the # 1 pick.  I want a Hedman or Tavares Jersey.  I want to turn over a new leaf once and for all.  It's time to suck it up - Isles fans It is going to be a tough Spring 2009.  

Now, I do have the issue of some tickets to the game next Tuesday.  The last game I went to, November 29th, just happened to be the last game the team won.  Being the sucker I am I will go and root the team on and actually believe the team will win again.  Now I just hope at least, they'll give it a good go.  Come on guys.  Don't pull the W away from us again.  Like many fans I think my being at the game will actually influence the outcome so I hope my record will stay at 100%.