Horrible Effort

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** This is the fan talking – not the writer **

The enthusiasm that carried over from last season is quickly dying!

That quote came from my wife.  She put it perfectly.

Wcappy1atching a game like the Isles just had, is going to send the naysayers into overdrive.  And in this case, I do not blame them one bit.

And Cappy thought they played well?  What game are you watching.

19 missed shots in 2 periods.  This is not a top tiered hockey team.  I am sorry, but this is not the kind of results that you want your hockey team to show you.

The words that came out of the coach mouth, is not what I am looking for.  This is the type of situation that would make me want to totally lose my temper.  There does not seem to be any kind of desperation, or sense of urgency.  Butch made that perfectly clear tonight, and there was no sense of ‘wanting’ this game.  Carolina was not a strong team out there either, and usually the Isles on the road had taken these kinds of games, and made them their own.

Not tonight.

As some people have tweeted, I am so sick and tired of Michael Grabner having these breakways and not converting.  It is getting to be an old habit.  Find a way, find a hole and get the puck in the net.

I honestly think that JT played his worst game in 2 or 3 years tonight.  He looked lost out there.  Jay Harrison pushed him around like a rag doll.  There was no urgency in his play.  He looked like he was also going through the motions.

I did like the effort by Kevin Poulin.  He played well, made some great saves, and kept his game simple.  He has shown a lot of maturity on the ice, and deserves to get much more playing time.

I can deal with the team getting shut out when they are putting good efforts out there.  The guys are saying the right things, but less than a week ago, the Isles had 57 shots on net.

Let me repeat that.  The Isles had 57 shots on net.

This is not the same team.

I am just disgusted and going to stop writing about this.  We are hearing that they played a decent game; but to me – after the lackluster effort in Washington, I thought that they would have played a much better outing.  I really expected more.  We did not get that at all.

Saturday, this team’s effort really needs to improve.