Islanders to Change Goal Song

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Just browsing the boards this morning, I caught this post over at Islander Mania from Chris Dey. Apparently, after all the years of speculation, voting and complaining by fans (some, not all) the Islanders have finally decided to act and change the Gary Glitter song - to something completely custom made, which should be interesting.

For those of you not able to see the post over there, here is it in it’s entirety:

I just wanted to give everyone the courtesy of dropping a note regarding the goal song. We will be changing the goal song this season. I know that some people might be upset about this decision and for that I’m sorry but it is the right thing for us to do at this time. The reasons for this decision have been discussed at length on the message board.

We had a custom song produced and it will be unveiled at the Home Opener. We believe that it will be something that our fans will be proud of, but also understand that change can be difficult….but just know that we’ve really worked hard to create something special for you.

For the pre season game we’ll probably go with a couple different songs including Joe Sat.

I just didn’t want people to be caught off guard tomorrow night and wonder what was going on.



Hopefully, it gets the crowd as pumped up as the previous song - it almost doesn’t seem natural in this fans eyes. I hope I am wrong and wind up thinking it is better than the old song.