Islanders Cover All Bases With Twin Rinks Acquisition

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In a story published today on, New York Islanders outgoing owner Charles Wang purchased the bankrupt facility at Eisenhower Park, Twin Rinks, for 8 million dollars in upfront cash. This includes a 30 year licensing agreement with the county.

But what does it mean for the team and its deal with Cantiague Park that was negotiated earlier in the summer?

Sources told Paul Larocco of Newsday that the plan is for Twin Rinks to be used in a similar fashion as designed for Cantiague. Practices, community and fan events and autograph sessions. It is unclear from the article and my perspective what exactly happens with the previous agreement that had been reached up north off the LIE.

Leave it to the Islanders to always do the unorthodox when it comes to…well, just about EVERYTHING.

With the team moving to Brooklyn and Barclays Center come October 9, which will feature the home opener versus the Chicago Blackhawks, it’s looking more and more like that will be the ONLY presence the team has in the borough.

They have said from day one they wanted to keep a strong influence and connection to Long Island and today’s dealings prove their statement to be much more than just words. It will also provide a level of comfort for the players who have been here the longest, namely the team’s captain and leader, John Tavares.

At the end of the day, once October comes calling, none of this behind the scenes business will matter anyway. It will all be about the results on the ice.

Not about where the team practices.

But, hey, at least it gives us something to write and discuss this time of year.

And beggars can’t be choosers.

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