Islanders Fans Trolled By Media Yet Again

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Here we go again Islanders fans. The national hockey media is once again seemingly disrespecting the Isles. Surprise! The blockbuster deals that Isles GM Garth Snow made yesterday are not even a day old, and already the yapping over a non-story has begun:

Johnny Boychuk is not happy to be traded to the Islanders.”


“It’s just another high priced rental for the Islanders”


Johnny Boychuk will likely not sign with the Islanders after this season.”


Nick Leddy was scratched from the playoff lineup last season for a reason.”

Nick Leddy lost Joel Quenneville‘s trust.”


Give it a rest, will ya?

Let’s put things in perspective here and let’s get some facts straight. Was Johnny Boychuk upset? Yes. Was it because he is now an Islander? No! He was upset to be traded. He did not want to leave Boston as he spent several seasons with the Bruins organization; he basically grew up there. It’s the only team he’s known at the NHL level. They are a perennially great team, with an awesome fan base, so why would he want to leave? It was tough on him, and it was tough on Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli. He did not want to trade a character guy like Boychuk, but they had no choice. Someone had to go due to cap concerns in Boston.

But, is Boychuk unhappy to be coming to the Islanders? Absolutely not. According to Islanders GM Garth Snow, who spoke with the 6-foot-2, 225-lb defenseman, Boychuk is excited to be joining the young team and is looking forward to playing on what’s become an exciting roster.

Oh, and if you want to read more about fans’ reactions to the two huge deals made by Garth yesterday? Good luck.

The NY Daily News, which does not even count the Islanders as a local team, yet somehow includes the New York Jets and New York Giants (who both play in New Jersey), did actually mention the Isles’ trades.  You have to look under the hockey section, when you click on Sports. It’s buried in the bottom right hand corner.


If you look to the right you can read some great articles from the “Blueshirts Blog.” However, if you want to read about cheerleader spirit being on display in Week 4 of the NFL, there is definitely a huge article on that. It’s quite a moving piece, actually. Honestly, what’s more important than the Minnesota Vikings cheerleaders? I know I would not want to see Garth Snow in a mini-skirt, but hey, whatever it takes Garth.

On to the NY Post. If you are looking for an article on the Isles’ two big acquisitions in there, you’re in luck! Brett Cyrgalis, the only reporter who seems to care about this team in the local media, besides Newsday’s Arthur Staple, has a great piece about the Isles shoring up their defense.


Unfortunately, you really have to be looking hard to find it. When you click on “Sports,” it’s not readily available there. What is on that page is another riveting article on how the Edmonton Oilers aren’t honoring Glen Sather. In case you were wondering, Rexall Place in Edmonton is 2,421 miles away from Madison Square Garden. The distance between the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum and the NY Post’s headquarters on the Avenue of the Americas? 29 miles. Excuse me, 29.3 miles. If you want to find it, like the Daily News, you have to first click on Sports, then scroll all the way down to Hockey. Guess 2 huge trades are not big enough to be on the front sports page.

As for Newsday, even though it’s owned by Cablevision, the wonderful people who brought you the blackout of this past week’s pre-season game, the Isles are front and center in the Sports section.


Arthur Staple, as always, did a great job recapping the trades, with some great quotes from Snow. So, props to Mr. Staple for being one of the few people Isles fans can count on to read about their team.

So, whether is saying Johnny Boychuk is unlikely to sign with the Isles this coming offseason, or the Daily News does not think the Islanders exist, one thing is for certain; the Islanders got a lot better yesterday. If everything comes together the way it should, come April, May, and hopefully June, these news outlets will likely be singing a different tune when it comes to the Islanders.

For now, we’ll just sit back, watch the games, and say, “I was a fan before the latest Islanders dynasty.”


Islanders Fans Trolled By Media Yet Again
Eric Bordin