Islanders Top Shelf: 10/31/14

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The New York Islanders certainly got the Halloween memo, as they played their most frightening game of the season last night. They were shut out by the Colorado Avalanche, 5-0, and really never looked ready to legitimately compete in the game.

It’s hard to blame the loss on one single part of the team, as the offense, defense, and goaltending all struggled to find their rhythm. It was an ugly performance all around, and something that the players should keep in the backs of their minds when they’re playing their next few games.

While it’s important to remember games like last night’s in order to prevent them from happening again, the Islanders can’t let this loss haunt them. It was a bad game, and they need to shake it off (Ed. note: now that Taylor Swift song is stuck in your head; you’re welcome), but should remember the embarrassment of losing by five goals to a struggling team.

On a more positive note, not every game is going to be so one-sided. The Islanders aren’t losing the next 72 games, and they certainly will come out more prepared in San Jose. This team has proven they are capable of playing very good hockey, and we will start to see it sooner rather than later.

-Peter (@PJMcEntee)


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Islanders Top Shelf: 10/31/14
Peter McEntee