Isles Experience Good, Bad and Ugly Tonight

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We talked about GroundHog Day in our articles after the game last night against the Sabres.  We talked about how we hoped that the Isles would get us all excited and then bring us down.

Well – since we are on a Movie theme here, let’s move onto a great Clint Eastwood.  The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.  Well – the first period was the Good.  The Isles continued on their great play from 24 hours before.  Two goals by Matt  Moulson (10) and John Tavares (league leading 13), and most of the crowd was thinking that the home ineptitude would dissipate.

Well – we were so wrong.

All the things that the Isles were doing right in the previous four periods were biting them in the rear.  The team seemed to not be reaching out as hard as they did before. The battles were being lost in the corners.  The physicality just seem to slip a bit.

Sanguinetti caps Canes comeback vs. Islanders

Kevin Poulin reacts after giving up the third goal for Carolina

Then, two goals in about 90 seconds seemed to bring the collective air out of their sails.

Then the ugly came in…

Two weeks ago, when Carolina came into town, four goals were scored by the visitors in the third period.  Tonight, only two would go in, one by an empty net.  But there was no desperation in the Isles team, when Bobby Sanguinetti gave the Canes the lead to stay.  You could just see that this team just did not have the same energy level as the previous two period.  Despite the fact that they got a lot of shots in the second, there was just not a lot of excitement oozing from this club.  And in the third, it was less than that.

Let’s be honest, if this team wants to win a playoff position, THEY MUST BE 1000% BETTER AT HOME THAN THIS PERFORMANCE!

And we have six more home games in this stand to go.  Not a great deal of excitement coming from me now.  Boston comes in Tuesday, and I have no great feeling about this one.

Let’s hope that I am WRONG!

My “Stud” of the game – Matt Moulson – despite what my friends behind me think, two points from Matt, is keeping him among the top scorers in the league.  He has played hard, and deserved everything he has gotten in the past four years.

My “Dud” of the game – Coach Jack Capuano – taking that time out in the first period with a 2-0 lead, to me, was a big mistake.  Momentum was on the Isles side, and taking that away on this time out, to me, caused the Isles to lose this game.