Isles fall to Flyers

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"Are you driving back? It's snowing!" That's what PR Director Seth Sylvan yelled to me in the locker room hallways. No I am not driving. We're walking. God Almighty we walked from the Wachovia Center to the Holiday Inn in the snow. Only found one patch of ice.... at the same time... @Katrina_Doell and I both almost hit the deck.

It didn't matter. What an afternoon. The Press Box here in PA is magnificient, even without the cinnanuts and the cold coffee. It was a still amazing.

The Elevator ride down to the locker rooms was packed. I tried not to panic. I had no one there to protect me. I lived.

Scott Gordon was interviewed by Rob Carlin who thought the Islanders were a much better team in the second and third period. Andy MacDonald is developing nicely and Gordon said he is resembling Hillen's career path. Well, we'll see about but yes he's getting better.

I asked to talk to Sean Bergenheim who seemed to have a little problem with Pronger all afternoon. He said he was just part of the game. Also, as Sean has had some excellent breakaways that he hasn't been able to capitalize on, he said "it's all part of the confidence right now. Offensively, I can do a lot better and I should be able to help the team much more than I have."

Before I left the locker room I caught up to Marty Biron, who was pretty funny. I love talking to him because he really is a very special man. He told me a funny story about how when they were leaving Carolina he pulled up HockeyBuzz on his cell and told the guys that Trevor Gillies was being called up to the big club. They all said they had heard nothing about it. But Marty told him he read it on my HockeyBuzz site.

Mind if I gloat just a tad. :o)

Ran into GM Garth Snow on the way out. Tried to beat him up for trade rumors. No dice. He did tell me there was a great sports bar in my hotel ... in 1997.

Sadly, this was a game they COULD have won. They didn't. Maybe they will in Florida.

A Huge thank you to EKLUND and ERIC from HockeyBuzz for taking such good care of me in the press box tonight. This was really special. No, really. It is.