It's..... The 1994 NHLPA 4 on 4 Challenge!!!

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Hi, everyone!!!! I'm back. How's summer? I know it's hard suffering from what us hard-cores call "Hockey Withdrawl", but there are some things that can help stave off the evils of a hockeyless period of the year. You can always watch NHL Network, (if you don't have it, order it), You can try to play as much as possible, ( get in a dekhockey league like I did if you can't roller-blade), and you can always scower YouTube for the best hockey clips, current and classic on the web, and so I figured I'd help with that withdrawl and share with you some awesome YouTubeness. Today's episode features some clips from the 1994 NHLPA 4 on 4 Challenge. As you may recall, the Players went on strike for half of the 1994-95, forcing the season to be cut roughly in half to 48 games. But during the time-off, the players wanted to stay fresh, being that at the time, it wasn't clear when the season would start again. And so, the NHLPA decided to hold a 4 on 4 tournament, in 4 or 5 different venues in Canada, and (I think) it was also for charity. A very interesting event. The teams were organized by Canadian region, with a US and European team. I thought these would be great to post, and very interesting to watch. ( oh, and if you haven't guessed by now, I have a thing for 90's hockey. Everything seems better in the 90s to me, what do you think?)

Clips courtesy of YT user Exprofesso
Play-by-play in French

Clip 1: Team Quebec vs. Team Ontario part 1

Clip 2: Team QUE vs. Team ONT part 2

There you go!!! More vids soon...., and Islander fans don't forget the big Lighthouse rally for the Town of Hempstead hearing August 4th!!! More posts soon.....