It's Christmas!

Tom Liodice's picture

Well..not really, but NHL Trade Deadline is like Christmas for all hockey fans. Either you get that big superstar player that's the big popular toy of the year, or you get some no-name 6-7th defenseman that's a cheap rip-off of what you wanted because its less expensive.

Circumstances are different than last year where we could blog all day in the Coliseum because it was a game day. Since today is not, we don't have that luxury.

I'll try to be following all the action today, even though I'll be in the office at my day job. It may be tough blogging about every deal, but I will be on Twitter providing short tweets on everything. You can follow me by clicking the link on the sidebar, or by going to

I understand that this blog may not be your first place to go for deadline coverage unlike last year, but I do greatly appreciate all of your support.

Thanks and enjoy deadline day!