Justice for Shannon Hogan

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I haven’t had time to write much the last few days, but this is far more important then shutouts, or the shortcomings of the team.

At some point today, some (perhaps one….) mean spirited person on Twitter decided to lash out at MSG Broadcaster Shannon Hogan. The result? She decided to take a break from Twitter.




This world is so full of hate, and I’m sick of it.

Be it school shootings, violence or even political infighting – I’m just sick of it all. I can’t, or really want to go into the other stuff here, but this is one of those things that I just must express my opinion on.

Shannon Hogan has been a gift to the Islanders broadcasts on MSG. She really has.

She’s perky, she is kind, approachable, friendly, she will pose for pictures and greet children or adult fans.

How could anyone say mean, horrible things towards this woman?

I don’t even want to go into what was said, or give these “people” any more attention. The sole purpose of this post is to let Shannon know how much she is appreciated, loved and respected – by REAL Islanders fans.

Shannon, should you happen to read this: keep being you. I know my family and myself enjoy your work and I’d hate for you to stop being the person you have found success being. Ignore the haters, the jealous people who wish they had an iota of success that you have in your life.

Those people do not represent hockey, and more importantly – New York Islanders fans.

So let’s all band together here tonight, despite all the other woes in the world that we cannot directly control – and show Shannon the love and respect she deserves. The way that New York Islanders fan can – and do, so often do.

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