The Last Islander Ranger Game

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Three games in 11 days with the crosstown folk end tonight with a tilt in the Garden.

After the pomp and circumstance on Wednesday, what do we expect tonight?

At least for the fan of EITHER team, at least they won’t be cold.

The Isles need to be in extreme DESPERATE mode, as points will become a priority.  7 points from a playoff spot, with the number of games remaining getting to be smaller and smaller, the team not only needs to get out of the gate with a purpose, but the goals that were aplenty a short while ago, need to come back in a hurry.

The first line needs some mojo (and a few degrees warmer may not hurt).  Along with secondary scoring, the guys need to get more pucks on net.

In the words of former Ranger great, Rod GIlbert:


It is a simple analogy and works perfectly.  The Rangers will be physical and play tight.  The Isles needs to open that tightness and expose that.  In some cases on Wednesday – they got the long pass through the wall, and created some chances.  Tonight – they need to expose that even more.

Some thoughts from the other night (now – that I have thawed out a bit).

  1. Matt Donovan played probably his BEST GAME AS AN ISLANDER, especially in the third period.  Emrick and Olczyk could not say better things about him, and I am sure that the folks in OKLAHOMA were real proud of their native son.
  2. I do not think we will EVER see CeeLo in anything representing hockey any time soon.  Oh well.
  3. If you are on FB and have the Islanders Hardcore page in your favorites, check out the picture of that passionate Ranger fan peeing in the middle of Yankee Stadium.  Class, eh?
  4. Truthfully, I was not as cold as I expected to be.  5 layers top and bottom did help the situation.  But I did enjoy the game, despite the result.  It was defnitely something that I needed to get off the ‘bucket list’ and I am glad that I did.
  5. I really thought that the uniforms looked real good on the ice.  I did not buy one (surprise), but I would not be disappointed if they made this the third jersey over that crappy black one.  That is hideous beyond belief.  Even Sparky looked good in it.

Tonight, I get the honor of working the game in the press box.  This will be my first sojurn into MSG since the renovation even began.  I am so looking forward to it.  If you are on twitter, I am @islessection317.Send a reply back.  Would love to hear from you.