Looking for Islander Writers

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We are looking for writers…

If you love to talk about your favorite hockey team, why not take an opportunity to BLOG about them!!!

Isles Talk are looking to get some more writers to add to the team. 

Yes – you do NOT get paid, and it will NOT get you a pulitzer prize. But if you love the game of hockey, and you LOVE the New York Islanders, then we are the place for you.

As you may know, John, Toby, Paul and I were on the site Eyes On Isles. Unfortunately, the group that runs the overall Blog group, wanted myself to write more than I was able to contribute.  A few real good guys, stepped up and made the site what it is now – a professional, well run site, of which I am glad to be linked to – as I call myself the “Founding Father” of the site.  They have succeeded in getting many folks to write for the site, about the team, and we would like to take on that same role. 

So if you really want to write about your team, in an un-edited format, here is your chance (well – profanity is no good – but I do not want to take the element of creativity out of the way).  If you have interest, please e-mail me – gharding14@gmail.com.  I would love to hear from you, and bring you on board to join our team.

Thanks,  and hope to speak to you soon, and LET’S GO ISLANDERS!