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If you're an Islanders fan this season, you've been hit hard by reality. It didn't creep up on you like the climax of some psychological thriller or the boogie man quietly skulking from your closet door. It hit you right, square between the eyes. The Islanders just can't seem to have ANY good luck. At 5:01 of the first period last night, that was completely clear. The backup to probably the most oft-injured goaltender in the history of the league went down last night with a groin strain that some reported had him in tears (Ouch!). So what do we do now?

I give you "Yoda, Master of the Lightsaber" himself: WADE DUBLIEWICZ!

Or is it more like your resident Goalies Coach: MIKE DUNHAM!

For the record, Dunny was half-suited up in the weight room according to both Scott Gordon and Bill Guerin. The reason he never made it to the bench was due to a rule that said he would have to sign a tryout contract form prior to setting his skate blades on the ice. So I guess Islanders management might have to add that little stipulation to Mike's contract that in the case where the starting goaltender, the backup goaltender and the emergency backup for the backup all go down with injury, he'll be suiting up (I can just imagine him finding the nearest elevator and ripping his suit to shreds as he unveiled the Islanders jersey underneath a la Superman). They might even want to pay him more for dedicated service to the organization. It sure wouldn't have been Scotty "Flash" Gordon, once an NHL goalie in his own right. "Once I went down the first time, there would be no getting back up," he said at the post-game press conference. I can only imagine since it's probably been a decade since he strapped on the pads for any kind of high-level game.

So is this what this team has come to? We have a starting goalie that has had more surgery in the past 2 years than most Hollywood actresses. You have a backup goalie who no one except management had confidence in, starting 36 games so far this season. Then you have an emergency backup that no one, even management, seems to have any confidence in and he comes in cold and plays admirably and thankfully doesn't get hurt. What are we up to now? Just about 263 games lost to injuries this season and counting. As far as I know this is an unprecedented amount of injuries to a team that was already under the gun as far as talent. Pretty soon you might just see the New York Sound Tigers considering the Islanders have plucked extensively from their AHL affiliate.

It's time to stop playing games with Rick's health. Shut him down and let the boy rest. It does no good to listen to the day-to-day "he could start because he's medically cleared to play" line. It's time to take steps to make sure that even though this season is all but lost, there is still a team on the ice to finish the run. We're not making the playoffs. That is the reality. Let's compete and keep the dignity of a once storied franchise. With Garth and Scott at the helm there is at least hope...

Lessard Joins the Tigers

There was a minor deal that went down yesterday if you didn't hear. It was a single player swap for Junior Lessard coming to Bridgeport and Brett Skinner (a P-Bruin last season under Gordon) heading to Chicago (Wolves). At least we know that Snowy still talks to the other GM's in the league.