The Lower Body Chronicles.

Meet Rick DiPietro.

As if you don't already know: An all American, Boston native, Rick was the NY Islanders' 1st round choice, 1st overall, in 2000. He's a top notch goalie in the National Hockey League who, on September 12, 2006, inked a 15-year worth a cool $67.5 million contract with the Islanders. During the 2006 Winter Olympics, Rick represented his country proudly as the USA team's starting goalie. During this past 07-08 season, he was also named an NHL All Star for the Eastern conference and the NYI representative.

Rick DiPietro is pretty much the face of the Islanders organization. A fixture in the eyes of the Isles, Rick is an outspoken and hilarious guy who is as charitable as he is handsome (very).

A Virgo and a great puck handler, he plays an aggressive and entertaining style. Dp really can keep a fan on edge when making daring long passes through the neutral zone and races out of the net to make quick decisions on PPs.


Meet Rick DiPietro's lower body.
*note: this is not a picture of Rick DiPietro's actual lower body. Carry on.

It's a real pain. (Pun totally intended.)

Ever since the '06-07 season, Rick has been plagued with numerous unlucky injures of the lower extremities. So far, he has only played in 5 games during this '08-09 season.

I think it's only appropriate to list the numerous and toatlly pesky injuries our NYI goalie has been subjected to over the past couple years (thanks to the reliable source known as Wikipedia.):
- Concussion in '06-07 season.

- Hip surgery to fix a {torn labrum} during the '07 off season.

- During last season's All Star game, Ricky D {accidentally and publicly} made it aware that he once again hurt his hip while he was mic'd up during the All Star game skills competition.

- Later that season, once the Isles were pretty much out of the playoff run, Dp ends his season with some more hip surgery.

-In June '08, Rick once again went under the knife for knee surgery done on the meniscus in his left knee.

-This '08-09 season, after sitting the bench as Joey Mac's back up, Dp managed to play two games. On his third game, he retakes him spot on the bench after one period of play and placed on the injured list with an 'undisclosed lower body injury.'

-Later, it was made known that he had undergone yet another knee surgery after injuring his meniscus.

-Rick has been present in an Isles sweater when the Isles hosted the Toronto Maple Leafs in a win on the day after Christmas. After which, Rick was back out of the line up with a strained groin.

-And most recently, he was back in the press box after making the Isles' trip west with a swollen, inflamed knee at the sight of his last surgery.

Dp's most recent trip on the injured list came during the trip down the western trail, we learned that the Rick DiPietro saga continued.

I can totally see why his knee would swell. I recently got a second hole in both my ears pierced and my lobes swelled a bit. But of course, I'm not a professional athlete and my ears aren't the precious and critical joints of said professional athlete. (What?! You come to this blog for hard hitting theories and analysis?! Hahah!)

Poor guy.

You have to think: he's a top notched goalie who unfortch keeps getting hurt. And the thing is that he is young, only 27.

He wants to play, you know it, but his body isn't cooperating. So he travels with his team, comes close to his Britney Spears like epic return but keeps getting sidelined and forced to watch from the press box. Of course, it's just best to make sure he is 100% healthy before taking his spot between the pipes for now.

Fans are upset right now. Frustrated. I get it.
Looking at the big picture: The Isles have a goalie signed on for 15 years, who at the rate he's going with injures, looks as though he wont make it on the Island through the full extent of his contract.

Also, you have to wonder: if Dp wasn't 100% healthy then why the heck did he gamble and take to the ice? But all in all, it's hockey. A guy gets hurt, rehabs it, plays again, (sometimes) rehurts himself, and it's a cycle until he's totally healthy.

I know many of us all want our franchise player back in the net, magestically being the back bone of our team but above all we want him to be healthy! That's most important, no doubt about that one. We'll see how this all pans out over the next few home games coming up.

-And in closing, Yann Danis is this season's human yo-yo.