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Message From Steve Webb

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I got this message from Steve and Teresa Webb about their foundation and the good work that they do.  They are doing a fundraising effort right now, and wanted to get the Islander fans to get involved.  Here is the message, and I hope you can support them.


Please join us in our Fundraising Efforts During Donate to Win Week!

During the week of Monday, January 28th- Sunday, February 3rd, 2013 if you give an on-line donation, your name will be entered to win one of several exciting prizes:

John Tavares Signed Jersey
NY Islanders 2013 Team Signed Jersey
4 Pack of Tickets to March 9th Game NYI vs. Washington including a High 5 With the Players (valued at over $500)
4 Pack of Tickets to March 22nd Game NYI vs. Pittsburgh with a John Tavares Signed Puck (tickets valued at over $500)

All proceeds go towards implementing Team Up 4 Community’s New Community Service Education.

With your generous support we can teach young students about the importance of community, make an impact in their character as well as the communities we live in!

To donate and have an opportunity to win go to:http://teamup4community.org/Donate/

Teresa Webb