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Pivotal is not the word to describe it...

Pivotal is not the word to describe it…

No one in Western PA thought this game 5 would be this critical.

But we can all talk until we are blue in the face, this is the most important game in the last 11 years.  The road to respect is facing us and we have to make a big decision.

Do we make the turn?

I am sure that many of the guys did not get sleep.  It has to engulf their thought patterns.  This team has truly been the better of the two for the series.  It should have been 3-1 Isles, but alas, it is not.  So the team knows the stakes, and it is time to grasp for that brass ring of respect and move forward.

Islander nation is standing by – ready to take the jump with you.

Nabby is going to be needed big time.  He has played the big game before.  He knows what it takes.  It is now just a matter of execution.  His numbers are extremely ordinary.  He will need to bring it up another notch for the visitors to reach new heights tonight.  When he has been beat, it has truly been the offense over the defense, as opposed to the deflowered Fleury.

Vokoun has beat the Islanders a great deal over his career.  He will come in and the team will not lose a beat.  He was acquired simply to cover when the starter has faltered.  Brent Johnson, other than being a good pugilist, just was not reliable enough to be counted on.  Hence the move for Czech netminder.

The Isles need to return to play the perfect road game.  Time to get back to what they have done best this season.  Frustrate the home team; don’t settle into a groove.  Keep shifts short and compact.  Don’t be a major risk taker.  Find your spots, but get back to the things that made you successful.

As for the offense, keep the feet moving.  Getting complacent will be helpful only to the opponent.  When the Isles are constantly moving, is when they are at their best.  Keep that thought clenched in their minds at all times.

Hoping for a lot of ‘fun’ and some nice suprises for the boys tonight.  This evening, it is time to beLIeve even more than you have before.  Tonight is OUR TIME!