New York Islanders Bits: Rangers post-game; Realignment; Analytics; Coaching

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Yes, the home OT loss to the Rangers happened, and it stings. Here's a little more coverage in which to wallow, plus other more fun reading:

Ken Hitchcock on what ails the Blues, with deeper meaning for Isles fans:

"Your 5-on-5 play is a direct reflection of how much time you spend in the other team’s zone, and we just don’t spend enough time in the other team’s zone right now to be a consistent winning hockey club," Blues coach Ken Hitchcock said. "We have to manage the puck better. I think when you manage the puck well, you just end up being a really good 5-on-5 team. You end up creating garbage scoring chances – zone-time, wear-down scoring chances. When you don’t spend enough time in the offensive zone, it’s hard to be a good 5-on-5 team."

Pshh, what Hitchcock really needs is to get angry and violent behind the bench. Isn't it great when a Real Coach (TM) goes crazy and throws things, to show he cares?

And finally, looking ahead: The Capitals, Saturday's opponent, put a whooping on the Cats.