New York Islanders Gameday Bits: Speed bump.

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No rest for the road weary. The New York Islanders finish their regular season (and stake their final claim to a higher seed) tonight in Buffalo.

The past few days I'd been thinking about matchups and preview themes for a possible playoff meeting with the Capitals. With last night's loss I was reminded that we have no idea who the Islanders' opponent will be. Pittsburgh, Boston, Montreal, Washington -- all are still possible.

The Rangers and Senators both clinched playoffs spots -- and leaped the Isles in the standings -- with OT victories last night. Out West, no one clinched but Dallas was officially eliminated. Detroit, Minnesota and future Islanders divisional doormat Columbus are vying for three spots.

Here are a few links as we prep for tonight:

FIG Picks

Leave your First Islanders Goal picks in this thread. (I just realized the season continues after tonight. So ... continue the FIG pool until it's over? Do a separate postseason FIG standings? Votes, anyone?)