NHL Fan Fest on 10/10/08

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Celebrate the Hockey Fan and the start of the season!
For all those people (including me) that say that nothing great hockey related EVER happens in the US, I give you the NHL (Powered by Reebok)* Store Fan Festival! (Okay, so I’m still pissy about Kraft’s Hockeyville event. Come on Kraft! We EAT boxed Mac & Cheese! Why can’t you do this in the US???)
Well, what they have planned sounds like one hell of a great time. Some lucky hockey fan is going to win a Honda Fit Sport. Lousy name for a car, but it‘s a car. They have a full roster of events scheduled from 11 am - 3 pm that Friday at the store located at 1185 Avenue of the Americas. Blue man group will be doing ice sculptures in front of the store. The Zambonis will perform, Starbucks samples are free, they‘re unveiling a new Orange County Chopper Original Six themed motorcycle and there will be Alumni on hand from our local teams, including the Islanders. I’m thinking Bossy. Anyone else want to venture a guess?
The prizes they are giving away made me very jealous that I wouldn‘t be able to get there on that day. They include two tickets to the Winter Classic But the NHL marketing team is not stupid, they‘ve set up a micro site starting tomorrow (10/1/08) at www.faceoffnyc.nhl.com for those of us who can‘t get to the store to enter for a chance to win.
But if you CAN get there on Friday the 10th, please do so and let me know how it was…. So I can be even more jealous.
I really have to get my butt into Manhattan before it gets cold!
*It seems to be an NHL law. You have to say that.