'NHL Preseason Bloodbath' Expansion Set Released for Magic: The Gathering Card Game

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Magic: The Gathering - NHL Preseason Bloodbath

Expansion Announced

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RENTON, Wash., Sept. 24, 2013 -- Wizards of the Coast today announced that the Magic: The Gathering NHL Preseason Bloodbath expansion is officially available at fine comic, toy and card retailers across North America beginning today. Adding depth to the wildly popular collectible card game, NHL Preseason Bloodbath will give players the opportunity to build teams of borderline NHLers, fight on-ice rivals, face new disciplinary challenges and create unprecedented havoc in hockey games that don't matter.

The NHL Preseason Bloodbath Expansion will also include the following new features:

With an easy to use tutorial from real NHL head coaches, NHL Preseason Bloodbath is the best way for hockey fans to experience the excitement, danger and intensity of meaningless exhibition games. Please visit NHL.com for the latest news, updates, suspension videos, injury reports and rationalizations of your favorite teams and players.

Below is a sneak preview of eight cards from the new Magic: The Gathering NHL Preseason Bloodbath set (click to enlarge)


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This is a satire. I swear, I haven't touched a Magic deck in almost 20 years. But they're just so much fun to Photoshop.