NY Post Hits NHL TV Nail On Head, Resurrects ESPN Rumors From Dead

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And now, the best article you will read this month, or possibly this year, regarding the NHL's laughable TV situation in the states, and how it badly needs ESPN as a cable partner.

Larry Brooks always writes good stuff, and he is never one to shy away from bringing hockey malarkey and injustices to the forefront (ie: he lobbied for the Isles to be considered when the whole Yankee Stadium-Winter Classic stuff came up)

This time in particular, he echoes what myself, and almost everyone else has been saying from the start. THE NHL NEEDS ESPN. And that's the truth. You can't deny the NHL has been suffering from lack-of-exposure, ever since the lockout, and plain and simple, it's because they left ESPN. There was an interview with Jack Edwards on Puck The Media earlier this year, (it was all over the place, you may have read it) Anyway, I must say, and it's hard to believe, but regarding ESPN, he is dead wrong. For someone who was there, and worked inside the belly of the beast for a reasonable amount of time, he should know better than to say something like "I’m not a hero, I’m just telling you the facts. I mean, that’s what it is and you know, this whole idea that hockey will do better if you put it back on ESPN is a delusion. It is completely delusionary. It’s more convenient, certainly. But it’s not going to be better for the sport, because it’s going to be behind golf, it’s going to be behind women’s basketball and, you know, I’m not dissing those sports." ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!!! I'd write something in response, but it's too easy. Besides, Jason Brough of The Vancouver Province did it for me!

" Whoa, let's keep that case open a little longer, Jack, for we have but two questions:
1. Isn't it possible that ESPN might showcase the NHL a touch more if it was broadcasting the damn league?
2. Isn't there a chance that ESPN is showing women's basketball highlights because it happens to be featuring women's basketball on its main network?
That there snapshot of ESPN.com's home page from yesterday is what you get when you partner up with the greatest promotional power in sports. You're not just hiring a camera crew with announcers; you're getting your message distributed on an unmatched level across all possible media platforms.

Ignoring the network's TV, radio and print vehicles, how many sports fans in North America visit ESPN's website every day? The Kurtenblog does, which is the only reason we had any idea whatsoever that UConn's women's basketball team is pretty darn good. (Not huge women's basketball fans here.)

There. 'Nuff said. Kudos to former Isles goalie Glenn Healy for getting in the ESPN meetings! We still love you, Heals! (even though you played for the Rangers!)