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It's a miracle.  The goal by Andy Hilbert vs the Flyers impressed me more than anything so far in the past two weeks.  First, he took his time and used the Philly defenseman's butt as a bumper and banked it off of him to score.  That slight delay he made gave him a better angle on the goal and allowed him to see the situation a little better.  Great play there Andy!

It made me think the Isles are always in such a rush to shoot.  They get a lot of shots, but they aren't fooling anyone and they still aren't scoring much.  They need people to hang on to the puck a little bit longer down low sometimes to throw the goaolie off.

I enjoyed another part of this game as well.  SInce it is close to halloween, some jovial fans dressed upa bit for the game.  One fan had a skeleton mask on and they zoomed in on it saying it was Howie Rose.  There are two reasons I haven't been enjoying the post game shows lately.  First, they have lost every game I have seen so far and second, Howie Rose was skulled by the ugly stick and is hard on the eyes to watch.  There is a reason some people do play by play and/or radio.  Anyhow, he was good natured about the jab too which made me laugh. 

I have also noticed at some point in the games, they pick a player form each team and compare them.  They will show the best stats for each player along with the games played.  I am highly amused by this since the Islanders don't have any players tearing up the league in points.  The player on the other team will have stats like: Games played: 9, Goals: 3, Assists: 7. The Islander player will be like: Games played: 8, Assists: 1. Enjoys long walks on the beach and watching SpongeBob SquarePants with his kids.  And it is only going to get worse. 

On a side note, I feel like the last few games have been great.  The team is playing better and still losing. I know I am probably in the minority about this but I am very ok with the team losing and losing big.  I feel the only way to get become a contender again will require several good draft picks and since we don't have much to trade, there is no way we are going to get any high end players to come here.  Thats why we need to tank, and it's ok.  Patience will do wonders for this team and its fans.