From Post Game To Pre Game

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Nabby showing his age. Photo courtesy of Gary Harding

Nabby showing his age. Photo courtesy of Gary Harding

I’m late to the party on the Islanders post game from yesterday so I do apologize. Many by now have read the post game reports of other websites so I will just briefly go over what happened with a few plus/minus rants. First off let me say that this was the most determination I have seen this team play all year. They never gave up, the offense was unbelievable totaling close to 60 shots and in the end they come away with the two points. The only concern I have was that had their goaltender didn’t show up until the third period and overtime.Plus: As previously stated, close to 60 shots were blasted at the Ottawa Senators last night.

Plus: Pierre-Marc Bouchard appears to be making a bigger impact as he continues to get some games in. The line of PMB, Nielsen, Bailey is going unnoticed by many teams.

Plus: Frans Nielsen is carrying his team for the beginning of this season so far, and that’s okay because

Plus: The chemistry is growing between Vanek and Tavares, the behind the back pass by Vanek and goal by Tavares is a small portion of what these two will accomplish.

Plus: Carkner, Hickey and Donovan’s contribution to the score sheet will only further help both the team and themselves.

Negative: Travis Hamonic gets beat almost every time an opponent enters the zone by skating past him. Needs to work on positioning so others don’t drive to the net.

Negative: Andrew MacDonald is in his own head. He’s not himself and he knows it and it’s starting to show in his performance.

Negative: This game was all Islanders had Nabokov made two or three saves instead of letting some of those goals in. Denis Potvin professionally ripped him for allowing that many to go in.

Photo courtesy of jkp-

Photo courtesy of jkp-

Now on to the Pre Game part of this article! Boston @ NYI

From what I’ve read so far, it’s the same lineup as last night, with the only exception being Kevin Poulin should be in net for the Islanders.

What to look for: Nabokov let his teammates do a lot of work last night to save him, will the Islanders be fatigued against the Bruins?

Who to look for: It really does come down to Kevin Poulin folks. He has a chance tonight to earn his way into starting a  few more games with a strong performance tonight. If he can keep them in the game, look for more playing time for him.

I also like how Matt Donovan and yes, Thomas Hickey have been contributing to the offense. As long as they keep their game simple, I think we’ll see a positive maturation in both their games.

Boston has been losing a few games they shouldn’t have, so expect the Bruins to come out full force against an Islanders team that worked very hard last night against the Sens. It’s up to Poulin to weather the Boston storm to keep his teammates in the game.