On the Rails – Oh Captain, My Captain

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Warning: the following column is equal parts sass, sarcasm, silly, and all Islanders. Naturally…it’s On the Rails.

Well that was a quite a snow storm we had in New York this past week, huh?

I hope everyone dug themselves out with no issues and are getting back on track with their lives.

Of course if you work for the LIRR, just keep on being late and doing your thing. It’s not like we have to get to work on time!


Anyways, it’s All-Star weekend and the Islanders have seemingly played only three games in what feels like a month! In reality, the boys have only played five times in the last 17 days!

That’s insane.

Islanders fans can look at it one of two ways – more like a good news/bad news situation.

giphy-12Good news: (YAY!) Injuries heal with minimum games lost.

Let’s just look at the blue line in terms of Johnny Boychuk and Travis Hamonic.

The latter suffered a fractured foot and missed just four (!!) games. Johnny Boychuk, who was hurt on New Year’s Eve with what looked like a terrible shoulder injury has missed only nine games and has been skating with the team again.

Lord know the Islanders haven’t been blessed in the injury department, the lighter January schedule is a blessing in disguise.

Bad news: (BOO!) Consistency.

giphy-13That word is such a hot-button for the Islanders and fans alike. The general consensus is that fans, as does this writer, really do not know what Islanders team to expect on any given night.

And I have a hunch that neither do any of the players either.

Hockey players are creatures of habit. And when they don’t get into a habit of playing games on a consistent basis, they get all out of sorts, as evidenced by the Islanders latest loss to Detroit which feels like four months ago.


We did have some good Islanders news heading into the break this week and that comes to John Tavares.

I know what you’re thinking: John Tavares? Good news? Egads!

Well yes, John Tavares was named captain of the Metropolitan All-Star team.

This is significant in many levels. First he earned this honor after the subsequent news emerged that Alex Ovechkin was considered injured by the Washington Capitals.

Of which I call BS, you just don’t want your star player playing in a meaningless game that has no bearing on your teams standings.

Yeah, I’m still holding a grudge from the playoffs. Got a problem with this? Wanna fight about it?

On the other hand, good for JT.

Here’s a trivia question/answer – Tavares is just the third Isles player to ever captain an All-Star team.

The other two?

Denis Potvin in 1984, the first year that teams had captains (thanks, Wikipedia.) And Mike Bossy in 1985 (strange right?)

Go test your friends about that.

Anyways, go enjoy the All-Star game of anything for its mindless exhibition hockey. And to support newfound hero John Scott.

I sure will.

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