"Several" Is A Vague Number

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Certainly more than one could be "several" and it certainly looks better than saying "two" if you are looking to make a point or cause a ruckus. But when I checked with MY anonymous source the term "several" in relation to the latest Newsday headline, the quote I received was "That's just the media being the media. That's all there is."

The timing of the article seems suspect to say the least and not just because of the trade deadline. My anonymous source seemed to agree with me on that as well. While I thought to grill, um, question some of the players on the validity of the article, I could see I (as in specifically ME) was not going to get far with that one and chose to chase down Scott Gordon instead. I asked him questions about the Olympics (for something on Sunday) and snuck in a question about the benching of Sean Bergenheim in Atlanta yesterday. I was curious if it was to send a message or just the luck of the draw.

"He hasn't scored in 14 games. I don't think there needs to be any explaining. He hasn't played well. There's no message sending with me. You don't play well -- You don't play." At least he's fair. He applies the same rules to everyone.

It was wonderful to see Newsday reporter Mark Herrmann back in the building for today's practice. It's been so long, I joked about security letting him in. He smiled and said he got lost. He spent some quality time in the locker room with Captain Doug Weight and a few others while I had Scott Gordon all to myself.

When I went back to the locker room, he was sharing availability with NY Post's Dan Martin as Marty Biron explained Wednesday's events to them. He was speaking at lightning speed and was very animated. He was not holding anything back from them, but you could see that while Marty may have been frustrated on Wednesday, that was then and this is now. The ultimate professional, he knows how it goes and certainly knows that the two men he reports to also can relate to his mindset. There should be no problems here, but I look forward to Mark Herrmann's report as he is always brilliantly entertaining in his dissection of the story at hand.

I also found out Bruno Gervais has never made a Lobster Quiche and was then ushered out of the skate room with a "Hey! No Media Allowed!" And back to work I went.