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Oh, hi Lighthouse. How are you doing today? Listen, I know I don't talk about you much, but I saw that you made the Newsday front cover. That's great.

Oh you're welcome. How's the rest of your day been?

What? You're going away? Who said that?

The who?

I didn't know they talked much about you.

They must really know something that we don't, huh?

Okay, it's really me this time.
Now, I know you've heard this shocking news that the Lighthouse is reportedly being abandoned by Charles Wang and everything is not going to happen.
Now yes, my eyes bugged out a bit when I first saw it, but it got me thinking.
Is this really true?
First, and foremost, let me make this clear. I don't consider myself a Lighthouse expert. I support the project to the Nth degree, but I simply keep mum about it and let the others that have much more knowledge and insight about it than I do, specifically Katrina Doell, Nick Giglia, Chris Botta, and Dee Karl. Because if I start talking passionately, I might misspeak and not get my facts straight, because lord knows this has been such a complicated process over the past few months let alone years.
This conveniently leads into my point.
Who is reporting this story? It's the Long Island Press.
Now from what I've known over these past few tumultuous months over the certainty of the Lighthouse project, that if there's a story to be read about it, it usually comes from Eden Laikin and the rest of the Newsday crew, or Botta.
Never has anything of real substance or newsworthy come from the Long Island Press.
Okay, lets say they really got it. Newsday can't be far behind, right? I mean, they're usually up to date on all Lighthouse news.
Lets just say its late at night, and there's a blog post from them, not a news story.
But one person close to the developer who would not speak for the record — not Wang himself — told Newsday Wednesday night the project has not been abandoned.

Representatives of the Town of Hempstead and Nassau County did return calls — to report that they were unaware of any change in the Lighthouse proposal.

I'm sorry Long Island Press, when it comes to Lighthouse news, I'll believe Newsday more than you.

I know we'll definitely find out more in the morning, hopefully from a statement from Wang and partner Scott Rechler.
But for now, I call shenanigans.
Goodnight Lighthouse, I'll see you tomorrow.