Tampa over Isles 1 - 0

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It took until 6:26 of the third before the red light lit. One goal gets passed Yann Danis for a one goal lead. Roberts deflected the puck into the net. And yes, it was a huge goal. Up until then, it had been a pretty non-eventful game.
It started off with a bang and a fight with Jackman and Smaby going toe to toe because of the last game where Jackman took liberties with Vinny. Guerin was a five minute major for fighting with Malone. Everyone was very pleased to see the way Guerin stepped up. Everyone but Big Angry Man who took the opportunity to harass me that Guerin had to step in for Sean Bergenheim. As valiant as it was for Billy, is as embarrassing as it was for Bergy. I've heard this all night.

With 2:34 to go in the third Okposo takes a penalty for a hooking call. Not a good move.

WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH THE MSG BROADCAST!!! They keep losing the feed and it goes to something that sounds like a Ham radio.
With 2:14 left, the Islanders are 2 men down as Park takes a penalty for high sticking on Malone. You just have to be in control of your stick. Especially at this point in the game. But they have a habit of crashing and burning in the third.

With less than 30 seconds left in the 3rd, Kyle breaks loose of the penalty box and takes off towards Tampa's net with a breakaway. I held my breath, but McKenna stopped that one too. The AHL goalie from Vegas gets the shut out. (I hope he's from Vegas. That's what someone on Twitter said, and I didn't check it!)

The highlight of my evening of Islanders Game night at home was the Wine Barrel Special Fondue. I had asked the husband what he wanted for dinner. For some reason he said something I haven't made in years. I think he's just afraid I'm going to forget what the hell is in it.

When I owned the Wine Barrel in Babylon Village years and years ago, one of the signature items was the Wine Barrel Special Fondue. It tastes wonderful, it's artery clogging and looks awful. Actually as I had to make vats of this stuff and clean it up when it was cold, it was lovingly called "Puppy got sick."
I guess because it's almost our anniversary, he's getting nostalgic. So I made it. If anyone likes fondue, this is something that is very homey, but it needs to be made in a crock pot and then transferred to a fondue pot.

1 lb Velveeta cubed
1 lb American cheese cubed
1 cup tomato juice
1 cup DRY white wine
squeeze lemon juice
1 package Lipton onion soup mix.

Heat in crock pot until smooth stirring occasionally. Do not let burn.

Serve in fondue pot with cubed bread, pepperoni, apple slices and ravioli or pirogi.

That was the highlight of my night. I wonder what the highlight of the Islanders' night was. Maybe dinner with the Dads.

Have a good flight home boys. Tuesday is another day.