THC One Timers 12/14

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Well, here's my last post before I take my X-mas vacation from blogging (we'll see how long that lasts) I also think I'm gonna take a break from the Isles for a while. I don't know how I can keep watching them lose, after last night(3-1 to CBJ, jeez) without going insane! So here's the THC One-Timers for today.

1. Gordon will stay

Now, in my second to last post I suggested that perhaps a movement might start with fans demanding Scott Gordon's removal. Now, don't get me wrong I like Gordo and I think he should stay with the Isles for the long-haul, but the whole inconsistency and no-heart thing really ticks not just myself, but a lot of fans off. But sure enough, PonitBlank says Gordon will stay. I think that is probably a good thing, especially long term. Gordon's system will work on Long Island, he just needs the right amount of time, and the right players.

2. Media Muses How to Fix Isles, What Went Wrong

PonitBlank and my local paper Newsday's Isles writers analyze the current situation, and what needs to be done for them to be a contender in the future. I hope Arthur Staple is right and we don't go back to the way things were in 1999, as much as I miss Ziggy Palffy.

3. Avery's Gone From Dallas

Yeah, yeah I'm not the first to break this, but it should be noted how ESPN dropped everything to break the story. They can make room for that kind of hockey news, but when Ovechkin has those monster nights, and Ryan Miller makes a game-saving save, it gets 5, 10 seconds tops. This is why I think it is inevitably good for the game that Avery may not sign with another NHL team for quite a while, if ever again. The NHL does not need Avery's unwanted, and infamous personality quirks that create unwanted attention, and distraction. Some of my friends who are Rag$ fans have been saying stuff like "Oh! If he gets released, or somethng we should sign him!" Seriously, I don't thnk even his male-groupies/ Broadway Blueshirt fanatics in the blue seats want him to come back. Goodbye, Sean, have fun with Claude Lemieux trying to earn a big league contract in Japan. (lol)

Happy holidays, and if you watch the Isles, try to hold down your egg-knog. More posts later.....

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