NY Islanders vs New Jersey Devils 11/21/2008 Highlight video

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I just have to say I am disgusted by tonights game. As if the "goal" on the delayed penalty wasn't questionable enough, the hit to Frans Neilsen, injury and BS penalty calls surrounding that whole play and the later two man advantage in the third period just sealed it for me.  I was really hoping that Scott Gordon would have sent MItch Fritz out there to kick some butt.  The only thing is the referees were the ones that needed the butt whoopin'. 

I was really starting to think Nielsen was starting to show some magic and I felt positive whenever he was on the ice.  No sooner than the next shift he gets a clear illegal headshot that put him off balance and caused him an ankle or knee lower body injury and an head upper body injury. 

That should have been a 5 minute major penalty for attempt to injure, but instead it was a 2 minute minor and after Trent Hunter went in to fight him, the Isles didn't even end up with a power play and had an injured Frans Nielsen to boot.  In true Islanders-hater fashion, the play will probably be reviewed by the league and there will be a 0, 1 or 2 game suspension.  I can see it already as if the script has already been written.  There wil be no 5 gamer like our own Dr. SPock. 

Have a look to see why I am so angry. 

Here is a video of the hit and injury to Nielsen: http://www.yesislanders.com/video/franz-nielsen-mike-mottau-head-shot-hi...