Who are these guys? Isles vs. Buffalo

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7:11 pm: and Andy McDonald just had his first shift and almost had his first goal. Noice....

7:04 pm: Looks like it's Yann Danis in net tonight and the Buffalo booster club is at the very top of 336.

Also, Dina just modeled the really cool GREEN Bailey T-shirt for St. Patrick's day. I'm sure they're available at the team store. They are very cool to go to a St. Patrick's party in to eat cornbeef and drink green beer.... (eeeewwwwwww... gross.)

Okay Islanders fans that's your new defenseman for tonight straight from the Bridgeport Ferry. #43 Andy McDonald. And on the other side of the ice due to the unfortunate injury to Ryan Miller is this guy Jhonas Enroth. I don't know if he's playing but... there he is.

I'd also like to know where the hell Ranger Fan John is with my wine!!!

Come on! You know I have limited drinking time here! Let's go!

Looks like Joey is starting the game but with Scott you can never tell who your goalie du jour will be until they announce the line up. Well, at least I can't. But then again, we know how good I am with the technical details.

It was sad to see that there are only 10 more home games after this one for the regular season. My god... it went fast. And only a few more days until trade deadline. This is going to be a scary week. Throw in the possible snow storm on Monday and the fact that my stupid freakin' "comma" doesn't seem to be working all of a sudden and I'm basically a mess.

As we all know, Brendan Witt received a five game suspension for the same type of mishap that others have received three. Let's call it the 2 game Islanders factor. I'd still like an explanation as to why Sidney Crosby received a NO game suspension for punching an opponent in the nuts. And I'm going to ask for it until I get it. Thank you.